Street Art on the M25 – Techno Storm over Africa

Surrey Street Art – on the M25 Motorway – and Psychedelic Art Accompanies Techno Storm over Africa: This week I will share with you some of the risks artists go to in order to make the M25 look pretty (including pics of the artist at work). I will also explain how to download a free copy of ‘Techno Storm over Africa‘ – so you can enjoy the uplifting, pulsating, rhythm in the privacy of your own bathroom!

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Art Studio Rather Inconveniently Positioned under the M25 Motorway
Art Studio Rather Inconveniently Positioned under the M25 Motorway

This weeks article has a distinctly ‘modern (psychadelic) art‘ flavour to it – so if you prefer classical music simply please swap over quickly to one of my earlier articles like the ones here (Vivaldi) and here (Bach). Let me start with that rather exciting ‘TECHNO‘ storm. Here is the video for Techno Storm Over Africa:

As you will have noticed I have used some spiffing computer graphic art to accompany this rather uplifting little techno number. It was inspired, written and recorded in my studio here in Africa – hence the title. There is a shot of the location of the studio at the end of the video which I think you will agree is likely to inspire even the most dull person (did I tell you I used to be an auditor!).

If you would like to take advantage of my special offer of the free MP3 download just follow the instructions on the special FREE MP3 page here.

The Studio based in Table Mountain National Park as the storm subsides
The Studio based in Table Mountain National Park just as the storm subsides

Now, moving on from my musical activities in Africa to the street art in the English county of Surrey. Regular visitors to will be familiar with the picturesque photos from my walks around the Surrey countryside (if you missed it – the link to last week’s canal-boat adventures with some pretty chicks is here). On one of my recent walks along the local waterways I came across a gentleman artist who was using, as his canvas, the M25 Motorway:

M25 Street Artist using environmentally freindly recyclable canvas
M25 Street Artist using environmentally friendly recyclable canvas

You may well ask ‘how is it that Chris is walking along the Surrey waterways and bumps into the M25?‘. Well, at the point where the Basingstoke canal meets the River Wey Navigation System they both also intersect with the M25 motorway. To avoid the cars getting wet this section of the motorway has been sensibly built on stilts and it was to these support structures that the artist was giving a facelift.

As his pictures seemed to go well with the ‘psycho’ graphics used on my Techno Storm in Africa video I though they would also be a nice accompaniment to this week’s article. Considering this similarity of artistic output perhaps we are both on the same psychedelic drugs (in other words I am presuming the artist also likes very cheap red wine). So without further ado let me introduce you to some pictures of Surrey’s latest ‘street’ art (OK ‘Motorway’ art is probably a better descriptive term):

Street Art 1 on the M25
Street Art 1 on the M25
Street Art 2 on the M25
Street Art 2 on the M25
Street Art 3 on the M25
Street Art 3 on the M25
Street Art 4 on the M25
Street Art 4 on the M25
Street Art 5 on the M25
Street Art 5 on the M25
Street Art 6 on the M25
Street Art 6 on the M25
Street Art 7 on the M25
Street Art 7 on the M25
Street Art 8 on the M25
Street Art 8 on the M25
Street Art 9 on the M25
Street Art 9 on the M25

Actually the political statement on the last photo makes me think I may have been a little presumptuous in assuming the artist’s preferred drug was cheap red plonk (especially the Australian stuff I get in Germany for €1.99 a bottle). Although I didn’t check his credentials I assumed this artist was working for the local council as part of their motorway infrastructure renovation project. He probably thought I was doing a ‘time and motion‘ study for the local council’s audit department (…when taking pics I always find it’s useful to have a clipper-board on a string around my neck – it gets me into those more sensitive places without too many questions – an old auditor’s trick).

So I think that’s enough psychedelic art for one week. If for some reason my video didn’t quite uplift you as much as you wanted I suggest you take a good stiff drink or two and watch it again. I am currently working in the studio near Cape Town with my digital choirboys on the next uplifting techno number. Watch this space!

Chris Duggleby.

Street Artist at work, presumably for the local council, renovating the M25 near Woking
Street Artist at work, presumably for the local council, renovating the M25 near Woking

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