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On this page you will find some of my health and lifestyle focused reports.

Is Alzheimer’s caused by the Gum Disease Bacterium P. Gingivalis – A Dementia Prevention/Treatment Breakthrough?

My T-shirt Made Me Sick – Textile Allergies – Sinusitis From Your Underwear

Torture In The Shower – Face and Body Soap Allergies – Main Suspect: Pears Transparent Soap

Kill Head Lice In A Day With The Newly Developed Plasma Nitcomb From The German Fraunhofer Institute

Poison in your Washing Machine: Allergic Contact Dermatitis from Laundry Detergents, Softeners, Conditioners and Whiteners

Chris Duggleby

2 thoughts on “Health and Lifestyle Articles”

  1. Chris
    I am the granddaughter of Marjorie Duggleby who was was one of the Duggleby girls in Pittsworth in Qld. They married two brothers (Wilkins). We have more info if you’re interested. PS you have the same look as one of my brothers.

    1. Hi Margaret,
      I intend to publish the updated tree onto the site next weekend. I have just double checked and Marjorie as well as her sisters Mabel (“May”), Eva and Daisy and her brother Piercy (“Sandy”) are all there. Please take a look when it comes out and if you spot any mistakes or can help with additional information just let me know.
      Let’s keep in touch. Kind regards,

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