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On this part of you will find my Vintage Photo Galleries.

One of my hobbies is to find interesting vintage pics – often over 100 years old. Where appropriate I have reconditioned the originals to try and recreate what the photographer would have seen. I have selected areas which are interesting from a social, historical or technical standpoint. My first collection dealt with child labour especially in textile mills, mines, glass factories and farms. The second one looks at the history of the bicycle. Videos have been prepared in which my musical compositions accompany the slide shows.

There are two ways to enjoy these very old photographs. Either you can scroll down the photos in each picture gallery or you can click on the video slide shows I have prepared. When scrolling through the galleries you can click on the photos to see them in higher definition. For the videos I have also composed some musical accompaniment. Many of the photos are over 100 years old so they have required some additional processing. In addition to the main subject of each gallery I think you will find the background shots of vintage cars, horse drawn carriages and fashions interesting. The galleries will grow over time so please revisit this page.

The first gallery focuses on Child Labour and Poverty in the USA in the early 1900’s. The link to the Gallery is here.

The video to accompany this photo collection is called Ghost Children. Here it is:

The second gallery focuses on Bicycles and Cyclists in the early 1900’s (and late 1800’s). The link to the gallery is here.

The video to accompany this photo collection is called Bike Boys (there are also some biker girls!). Here it is:

The third Gallery is dedicated to the young boys who lost their childhood to work in the Coal and Glass industries. The link to this gallery is here.

The accompanying video for this collection ‘Tears of Neglect‘ is below:

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