The question of “Who Made the UK Variant” is addressed in the following video (from my Transformates Project). It touches on my lab experience as a molecular biologist (yes I was a virologist!):

As well as teaching the mutants to sing (in the chorus) – I also played all the instruments – Here I am trying to tame Vivaldi…

Below are links to some of my ‘Fun Articles’.

There are a few sensible subjects included in the list below but the majority are intended to make you laugh. To read an article just click on its title:

23rd Jan 2019: Archaeology – Chariot Found Near Duggleby Village – The Pocklington Iron Age Ferrari

11th Mar 2017: Cling Film Condom Gets Stuck – i.Con the Smart Wearable Sex Ring in Beta Testing

21st Nov 2016: The German Shit Exchange – A Green Economy Innovation

9th March 2016: Penis Ring Emergency – German Fire Fighters Rescue Man From Painful 13 Cock Ring Torture

4th March 2015: Hamburg Reeperbahn (St. Pauli): Germans install walls that urinate on passers-by

17th April 2014: Niche On-line Dating Services (Specialities: Herpes, Thrush and Genital Warts)

29th December 2012: Spreading diarrhea and vomit through the washing machine – The Norovirus propagator in our kitchen. 

25th August 2012: Bubble Tea – German scientists claim to have found traces of carcinogenic chemicals.

18th August 2012: How Bavarians and Austrians use their middle finger – Fingerhakeln: a men-only sport (did Arnold Schwarzenegger start training this way?).

Chris Duggleby

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