Fun Articles

I started writing these articles when I lived in the German Alps. I found there were many humorous stories in the German press that didn’t get much exposure outside of the country. So this was my attempt to demonstrate to the English speaking world that the Germans do indeed have a sense of humour. More recently I have started to add news from other sources – the only criterion is – it must be fun/interesting to read. Welcome to my ‘Fun Articles’.

There are a few sensible subjects included in the list below but the majority are intended to make you laugh. To read an article just click on its title:

23rd Jan 2019: Archaeology – Chariot Found Near Duggleby Village – The Pocklington Iron Age Ferrari

11th Mar 2017: Cling Film Condom Gets Stuck – i.Con the Smart Wearable Sex Ring in Beta Testing

21st Nov 2016: The German Shit Exchange – A Green Economy Innovation

9th March 2016: Penis Ring Emergency – German Fire Fighters Rescue Man From Painful 13 Cock Ring Torture

4th March 2015: Hamburg Reeperbahn (St. Pauli): Germans install walls that urinate on passers-by

17th April 2014: Niche On-line Dating Services (Specialities: Herpes, Thrush and Genital Warts)

29th December 2012: Spreading diarrhea and vomit through the washing machine – The Norovirus propagator in our kitchen. 

23rd December 2012: Lower Saxony puts naked winter sports event on ice for safety reasons following massive popularity of undressed ladies on sledges and fears of over exposure. 

25th August 2012: Bubble Tea – German scientists claim to have found traces of carcinogenic chemicals.

18th August 2012: How Bavarians and Austrians use their middle finger – Fingerhakeln: a men-only sport (did Arnold Schwarzenegger start training this way?).

Chris Duggleby

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