Augsburg court appearance for obesity postponed – Dicke Daisy (Fat Daisy) is now 3 times normal weight – perpetrator is ‘poorly’


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The following article deals with a highly sensitive and emotionally charged subject. Readers who are easily upset by such stories are recommended to leave this page and perhaps take a look at some of the much more pleasant animal stories in RISKKO’s Dog Blog which can be found using the link here.

There are however some issues which need to be brought to the attention of the international media. Often very important issues get buried in the back pages of some local newspaper and fail to get the attention they deserve. Well I intend to put that right.

A court in Augsburg is proposing to issue a penalty for animal cruelty leading to obesity.

The subject of this story is Dicke Daisy (roughly translated into English as “Fat Daisy”). Dicke Daisy is a Pekingese cross-breed who recently accompanied her owners, a retired couple living in Augsburg, to the vet. It would appear that since October 2010 the owners had over fed Daisy to such an extent that she was three times the normal weight for such a breed. Instead of weighing up to 6.5 kilos Daisy weighed 19.

The vet urgently recommended that the owners feed their pet with a low-calorie diet and change the nature of its food to that which is more suitable to this kind of animal. The vet’s requests were in vain and finally the poor dog could hardly stand on its feet and suffered considerable pain.

Based on information from the vet the department of public prosecution in Augsburg issued a penalty order for animal cruelty to the owners of the dog. The owner was summoned to appear in court not only to answer to this charge but because she had also written to the vet accusing her of being a ‘person without a heart’ and threatening to ‘torch’ (abzufackeln ) the veterinary practice.

The appointment at the court has had to be postponed because the owner was too poorly to attend.

Hopefully Daisy will survive that long!

Chris Duggleby

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More information about this story from Augsburg can be found in the original german article which can be found here.

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