Risk Author and Music Producer

While you read why not listen to my album ‘Electro Baroque‘ (all tracks are also available on iTunes using the link here)? Classical music using modern instruments:

or if you prefer to listen to my electro/techno album ‘Studio Valiumm‘ here are the videos (also on iTunes using the link here):

More info about my music is at the dedicated website www.TRANSFORMATES.com


I am Chris Duggleby. I retired from the oil and chemicals industry in 2014 to focus on writing about risk management and music production. In 2016 I launched the ‘virtual’ publication JointVentureRisk.com to guide anyone involved in planning, managing or auditing joint venture businesses (actually much of the content is relevant to any modern business). The site is free to use. If you would like to find out about the risks joint venture businesses face click on the picture below (thanks to my former employers BP and Formosa for letting me use their pics):

JointVentureRisk.com site launched by Chris Duggleby in 2016 (photo BP p.l.c.)

JointVentureRisk.com site launched by Chris Duggleby in 2016 (photo BP p.l.c.)

In December 2010 I published the risk management text book:Value TRAI Based Risk Managementand in 2015 I developed the Risk Tuition and BizChangers (Management of Change) websites. My on-line writing focuses on helping organisations improve their risk management processes (for free!) as well as expanding on topics of general consumer interest, sometimes with a hint of humour.  

Chris Duggleby's Introduction to Risk Management 'RiskTuition.com'

Chris Duggleby’s Introduction to Risk Management ‘RiskTuition.com

Chris Duggleby's Management of Change site 'BizChangers.com'

Chris Duggleby’s Management of Change site ‘BizChangers.com

A dedicated website exists for my music at TRANSFORMATES.com.

Website for Chris Duggleby's 'TRANSFORMATES 變 Music Project'

Website for Chris Duggleby’s ‘TRANSFORMATES 變 Music Project

My album ‘Baroque Transformation‘ is available to download from iTunes (link is here). You can find out more from Transformates.com (link here). To hear the tracks/see the videos which accompany each piece try my YouTube Electro Baroque playlist:

I studied for my first degree at Manchester Medical School and then in 1979 moved into a business role in BP (then ‘British Petroleum’) – one of the World’s largest and oldest oil groups. There I developed my commercial skills by leading several international businesses mainly in chemicals and plastics. I spent over 35 years in the oil group managing several overseas subsidiaries and joint ventures often in challenging businesses and sometimes rather remote locations. From 2002-2006 I was President of Formosa BP Chemicals, a $250 million manufacturer and marketer of Chemicals in Asia.  From 2007 I had a senior leadership role in the BP Group’s Internal Audit department. Following the Gulf of Mexico disaster I designed the group’s new Joint Venture, Transformation Management, and Commercial Compliance auditing processes. If you would like to learn more about the risks from business compliance (or lack of it) try the link here.

A high tech, safe piece of Asia which I built and left behind to join the RiskBusters

A high-tech, safe piece of Asia which I built before returning to London to help others manage risks associated with similar projects

My musical career dates back to my school days. At the innocent age of 16 I auditioned as guitarist in one of the Midland’s top semi-pro club bands. These rockers were not too impressed with my Spanish guitar version of the Beatle’s ‘Here comes the sun‘ but they noticed a keyboard and asked if I could play? Following a rather ‘interesting’ rendition of Roxy Music’s ‘Street Life‘ they offered me a job as their keyboard’s player under the condition that I never touch a guitar again! They also helped me to buy some proper gear including a rather fancy organ (and yes – they gave me a cape!). At 16 I quickly adapted to the show biz life of banging out Free’s ‘All right now‘ in working men’s clubs just before the strippers did their slightly more artistic set.

Publicity release from 1974 for the Nottingham Band Sahara - with 'up and coming' organist Chris Duggleby (age 16)

Publicity release from 1974 for the Nottingham Band Sahara – with ‘up and coming’ organist Chris Duggleby (age 16 – playing his ‘dual manual’ organ!)

On this website you will find some of my articles about various risk management subjects and topics of general interest, often illustrated with some of my own photos. I began my photographic career while making mutant microbes in the Manchester Medical School’s Bacteriology Department. Sadly my promising research career became tarnished when I was caught using the department’s electron microscope to produce Christmas cards depicting bacteria in compromising positions (known as Dugger’s ‘Bug-a-pics’).

I have lived in several locations and you can find some of the more scenic pics in my photo galleries. These are split into sections on Surrey (England), the European Alps and Table Mountain National Park near Cape Town.

Shipwreck near Sandy Bay Beach in front of Cape Town Mountains

Shipwreck photo taken near to my southern retreat in Llandudno, Cape Town. Click on any of my photos to get High Definition versions.

I am also interested in vintage photos and a section of the website is dedicated to these (link here). Subjects include child labour (around 1910) and vintage bicycles and cyclists.

During my time managing audits for BP I wrote a text-book on risk management and if you struggle getting to sleep try reading ‘Value TRAI based Risk Management‘. It is still available in hardback from good book sellers (like Amazon). In addition I have included some of my recent business risk articles in the ‘Risk Articles‘ section of this site.

The Rescue Team hadn't read 'Value TRAI Based Risk Management' by Chris Duggleby

The Rescue Team clearly hadn’t read ‘Value TRAI Based Risk Management‘ by Chris Duggleby (still available in hardback via Amazon).

Many parts of the ChrisDuggleby.com site are fun focused; I will use it to share my experiences and passions as I travel around the world. I am fortunate enough to be bilingual and one of my pastimes involves searching the foreign language press for articles which I think may be of wider international interest (particularly focusing on ‘odd’ or funny stories). These articles can be found in the Alpine Press section of this site (link here) and they are often referred to in my blogs which can be found here.

On this site I have also introduced the Duggleby History page. We Dugglebys can trace our family back the Domesday book in 1086. This page also provides a forum for Dugglebys from around the world to exchange views and tell each other what they are up to. The latest edition of the Duggleby Family Tree (from 11th to 21st Century) can be found here. Many of us, including yours faithfully, are descended from Sir Henry Duggleby who lived about 900 years ago.

If you would like to find out more about my musical endeavours please visit the site Transformates.com. You can also find me on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin under Chris Duggleby.

If you have any comments, recommendations, questions (or discover typos!) please let me know via the comments boxes at the bottom of every page.

Chris Duggleby

As President of a Chemicals JV in China I was responsible for a workforce of 700 during the design, construction and first year's operations of this complex

As President of this large Chemicals manufacturing and marketing JV in Asia I was responsible for a workforce of 700 during design, construction and operations of this (rather well lit) complex

Now prepare for an uplifting experience! 


15 thoughts on “Risk Author and Music Producer

  1. HI Chris

    Think I have your old work email address only. …..

    Can you email me please with you up to date contact details and I will send over the docs and more detailed explanation.

    thank you


    • Hi Ellen,

      The e-mail address should be with you now (first attempt was rejected by your server – probably thought I was a virus!) – if you have any problems let me know and we go to plan b.

      Kind regards,


    • Thanks Matt,
      of course you are correct – sadly I should have spent less time playing at night clubs with my band and paid more attention to my English lessons at school. The mistake will be immediately corrected. Your attention to detail is much appreciated.
      Kind regards,

  2. Well well well, I am half a Duggleby on page 128 I am the son of Heather Betty Duggleby, my name is Richard John Eatwell, my father was Horace Arthur Eatwell. I guess I could fill in a few more gaps if you are interested. I live in Zimbabwe, my brother and sister are still alive, they both live in Australia.

    • Thanks Richard, and welcome to the site. If you have any more info regarding the tree I would be pleased to add this to the items for the next update. If the info is confidential just add the word ‘confidential’ to the top of your message (using the comments box) and I will make sure it isn’t published (or at least take out the bits you consider to be sensitive),
      Kind regards,

  3. Hi Chris, was interested in your Ann Duggleby who married Francis Spruce (Spruce is my family history venture). Anything you may have on Spruce family would be appreciated. Kind regards, Rosemary

    • Hi Rosemary,
      Thanks for contacting. Let me check when I get back to the Alps at the weekend (I keep my archive there). I will let you know shortly.
      Kind regards

  4. Hey Chris, Tommy Corman, Marketing for ADED.US Music Distribution –– I was getting some traffic from this blog going into ADED.US and thought I’d stop by. I am very impressed by the fact that you were “President of a large Chemicals manufacturing and marketing JV in China I was responsible for a workforce of 700” –– there is the music world and then there is the WORKING world. You are probably one of the most successful people we’ve come across –– in the realm of people who have made money OUTSIDE of music. I hope you are a millionaire because that project looks like it costs a million dollars with all that steel and light bulbs. LOL! –– I was telling Makell Bird (the founder of ADED.US) “this dude could probably buy the whole company (ADED.US) if he wanted to. 😀 –– We come across some very interesting and high profile people in our business

    • Thanks for getting in touch Tommy,
      although I have been fortunate enough to get lots of experience, travel, excitement and some modest resources from mega oil I am still very much a virgin in the music biz. However I am sure with help from my friends at http://www.ADED.US (and a bit of musical dexterity on my part) we can make it the most successful venture yet. Thanks for your support (and the team’s patience as I learn the ropes),

      Kind regards and do keep in touch,


      PS The factory cost about US$250 million but we got the money from a consortium of banks – like all good business ventures we used other people’s money. Since this was around 10 years ago the project would cost a good deal more today.

  5. Hi Chris I am amazed at how many Dugglebys there are have you by any chance come across seargent major Walter Duggleby from the great world war 1 I am just curious of what he did I have medals but nothing else? If not it’s ok I was just generally enquiring. Many thanks

    • Hi Liam,
      Great to hear from you. I assume you mean your great grandfather, Walter Duggleby: 1886 to 1970. He is on pages 127 and 128 of the PDF family tree that I published on the site earlier this year. If you are unable to find him – and your other close relatives (the names of the living ones are hidden in the on-line version) please let me know. In the source information used for the tree he was shown on the 1891 census at Cawkell Farm, Watton as a 4 year old son. In 1901 he was identified in the Driffield Grammar School census as a border aged 14 (from Watton). The Kilnwick memorial identified him under item #139 of its Roll of Honour from the 1914-1918 Great War (“DUGGLEBY, Walter, Sergeant East Riding Yeomanry”).
      In addition the Walton Parish Register has his baptism records dated 18th June 1886 (“Walter Duggleby, born 26th April 1886, son of Richard and Rachel Duggleby of Cawkell in Watton, Farmer”).
      His death was registered in Buckrose in 1970.
      He married twice, first to Constance (Connie) Adelaide Ann Speck (1896 – 1932) – they lived at Whitehall Farm, Little Kelk at the time of her death (registered in Driffield) and then in 1937 to Nora Greenley (your great grandmother).
      This is all I have but perhaps one of the other visitors to the site knows more about Walter Duggleby’s activities in the Great War of 1914-1918.
      Kind regards,

    • Hi Liam, my grandfather was the same one Walter, I remember him in Driffield. My name is Richard Eatwell, I live in Zimbabwe, somewhere there are old photos of him from the great war. probably with my sister in Adelaide. I had his silver fob watch for some years. I was on a yacht with his youngest son, my uncle, John Walter Duggleby in Knysna, s.a, the watch is somewhere e on the bottom of the lagoon. Regards

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