Duggleby Family Tree – Evolution from the Domesday Book

Here is the link to the latest version (2014) of the global Duggleby Familly Tree:

140112 DP Dugglebys 11th to 21st Century Family Tree linked to Chris Duggleby

Happy reading!

As with the development of every family tree this is an ‘on-going’ process. With the global Duggleby Family we are in the fortunate position of probably having descended from a handful of people (or possibly just one person) living in the village of Duggleby. This village is in the English county of Yorkshire which was featured under its old name of Difgelibi in the Domesday Book in 1086 (you can find out more about this on the Duggleby History page by clicking here).

Domesday Book (1086) entry of Duggleby (Difgelibi)
Domesday Book (1086) entry of Duggleby (Difgelibi)

Clearly when we go back beyond 500 years it is difficult to find a trail of indisputable written records to confirm the births, deaths and marriages of our forebears. Therefore considerable amateur detective work has been necessary together with some careful subjective judgement. Great thanks and acknowledgements are due here to Ellen Reid, Vincent Duggleby and other helpers around the globe like Bonny McLeod. Some of the old documents used in the quest for ancient family knowledge are described in the following blogs (just click on the titles below):

The Duggleby Family Tree – First 500 years after the Domesday Book of 1086

Duggleby Family Archives – more interesting historical documents

12th and 13th Century Genealogy Research from Records of Ecclesiastical Land Transactions and Chancery Inquisitions

Although we can not be one hundred percent sure about every link in the chain there is a pretty good chance that if you, or your forebears, bear the name ‘Duggleby’ or one of its variants (e.g. Dugleby, Dugelbi or Duggelby) you are probably derived from the Dugglebys listed near the top of the family tree (namely Sir Henry Duggleby and his close family). At a later stage I hope we will be able to resurrect the Duggleby DNA testing project to further build on our knowledge base (more on this in a future article).

Since the first partial version was published (9th June 2013) I have received lots of additional information and some corrections (big thanks to everyone who has contributed). The version in the link above is the updated version (available since 25th January 2014) which is much more comprehensive than the earlier version. I have also included a link at the bottom of this page to the blog where I first published this new version – this explains more about the tree.

One important thing to note is that I have taken the precaution of protecting the information about living Dugglebys to ensure compliance with International Data Protection/Data Privacy laws.


Click on the following link to see blog article that accompanied the publication of the tree:

Blog published on 25th January 2014 with updated Duggleby Family Tree

Happy ancestor hunting!

Chris Duggleby

10 thoughts on “Duggleby Family Tree – Evolution from the Domesday Book”

  1. I dont know much about my Duggleby from Beswick, just slowly getting a new name attached now and then. 1668 Peter m Juliana Simpson, children Peter, John Richard, Wm and my Mary who married Robert Routledge in Shipton By Thorpe (Shiptonthorpe) in 1730. I only have 2 children for them so far, Elizabeth and Peter who married Susannah Coates 1775. Do any of these join any of yours? I would love some feed back as Mary is my 6x Gt Grandmother. Thank you

    1. Hi Christine,
      my current activities are somewhat passive. I am collating info sent to me by visitors to the site who are able to provide updates to the tree I published a few years ago. I have not had enough updates to justify updating the tree yet – I do not want to spread confusion by having several versions floating around. Because of data protection I can also only publish info on people who are sadly no longer living. I would like to encourage any visitors to this site to please use the comments box if they would like to share info with other members of the rather large Duggleby clan. I will publish the comments quickly unless the person heads the comment with the word ‘confidential’ – otherwise I will add the info to my repository for a potential future update.
      I hope you are keeping well and thanks for staying in touch.
      All the best,

      1. Hi Chris,
        Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I did just wonder if anything had happened since I last looked a year or more ago.
        On another note, do you know if Vince Duggleby ever published his book, called, I think, a short history of the Duggleby family. I don’t think I have any way of contacting him. My mother was from the Waldby Duggleby side.

        1. Hi again Christine,
          I also haven’t heard from Vincent for a while but I know he sometimes checks the comments on this site so I am publishing your message in case he wishes to get in touch (I am happy to act as go-between). I believe the book was produced privately for a limited distribution (I don’t have as copy but I think Ellen used the info from his book in her family data-base ….which is reflected in my pdf tree published on this site).

          By the way a number of us in the international Duggleby clan are keeping in touch via Facebook (I can be found by searching under Chris Duggleby …. happy to receive friend invitations from the ‘wider’ family). There is also a group page on Facebook under the name: “I’m a Duggleby and proud of it!” where members publish old family photos and pieces of mainly historical info of interest to Dugglebys.

          Kind regards.

          1. Hi Chris,
            Thanks for the info – this has reawakened my family history interest!
            My family and I are off to France on 5th November to visit my husband’s great uncle’s grave – he died just six days before the end of the war.

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