Sexual Equality on the Slide: It Started with Men-only Parking in Triberg – Now we have a Men-only Waterslide in Erding

A huge number of international readers have read my article on men-only parking spaces in the German town of Triberg (the link is here). Well now women have also been officially banned from using a water slide at the Therme: Erding’s thermal water-based amusement park close to Munich Airport. Its management claims that this is Europe’s biggest thermal water world.

To be precise this ban of ladies using equipment is currently restricted to one area which is refered to as the X-treme Faser slide. What is this ? The following text is taken from the amusement centre’s website:

“For thrill-seekers we have our X-treme slides like Faser reaching up to 72 km/hr (45 miles/hr) or Kamikaze offering nearly a free fall with a gradient of 60%.”

Presumably this may need updating at some stage to read “For MALE thrill-seekers only we have our …….”.

So what is the problem with ladies? Originally this rather large water tube was intended for use by both sexes. Ladies were, however, requested to keep their legs tightly pressed together as they progressed down the tube at 72 km/hr. The reason for not opening their legs at these speeds is that water rushes at considerable pressure into their “Intimate Regions” (or “Intimbereich” in German). Although this was probably relatively easy to explain to their German-speaking guests I am not sure how they made it clear to their international clientele. Presumably they could have used pictures: one with a lady holding her legs together accompanied by a big tick, and one with a lady whose legs are wide apart, with a cross next to it  (and perhaps even one with a man accompanied by two ticks?).

At this point I should explain that there is a nudist (or FKK) area within the leisure centre so clearly there is a risk that ill-considered pictures on signs could be misconstrued.

During a recent holiday period two ladies received injuries following the use of the slide. According to the press reports the injuries consisted of bleeding in their intimate area and this is why ladies are now banned from using the slide. The management of the amusement centre points out that from an anatomical perspective it is not difficult to appreciate how ladies could be injured when water is fired at 72 km/hr between their open legs.

The ban has nothing to do with any lack of female capability when it comes to high speed sliding (as long as they hold their legs together). There have been no reported injuries to the intimate regions of gentlemen who have used the slide – with or without legs apart. This is why they continue to be allowed to use it.

This is not the first occurrence of men-only water slides in this region. In another water park in Austria (Ötztal) there is a water slide where speeds can reach 80 km/hr; ladies are also banned from using this.

In an interview with the local press (German language link here) the management of the Therme in Erding acknowledges that banning ladies from using water slides is not an optimal solution to this problem. They are considering the possibility of issuing the fairer sex with special protective trousers designed to prevent water shooting into their intimate regions when they speed down the water-spout. Fun loving ladies in Erding – watch this space!

Clearly the Therme is acting in the best medical interests of its customers and let us encourage them to find a solution which allows both sexes to have a mutually enjoyable and exhilarating ‘Rutsch‘ (the german word for a slide)! If you are interested in finding out more about the leisure park I have included a link to their English information here.

If you are interested in reading other english articles based on exiting and stimulating themes I have spotted in the Alpine press please take a look into my archives here.

Happy ‘mixed’ Rutsching,

Chris Duggleby

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