Ladies Shop Till You Drop – Leave Your Man in a Husband Parking Pod – The Capsule Hotel Idea for Bored Shoppers

Ladies Shop Till You Drop – Leave Your Man in a Husband Parking Pod – The Capsule Hotel Idea for Bored Shoppers. If you get pissed off with the man in your life always complaining that shopping takes too long here’s a new innovation that will keep you both happy – the Husband Parking Facility – Coming to a shopping centre near you. Read on…

Pod Hotel Floor Ladies shop Till You Drop Husband Parking Pod Article at ChrisDugglebydotcom
The next generation of  Husband Parking Facilities? A ‘Floor’ of rooms at a typical capsule hotel

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When I lived in Tokyo in the 1980’s I had to pop down to Osaka regularly on the bullet train to meet my customers there. In those days my fellow Salary-men spoke excitedly about the new Capsule Hotel that opened in Osaka in 1979 – this facility allowed gentlemen to sleep in comfortable little pods for a fraction of the price of a Japanese hotel.

Pod Hotel Door Ladies shop Till You Drop Husband Parking Pod Article at ChrisDugglebydotcom
View inside a typical capsule hotel ‘room’

Now scroll forward nearly 4 decades and our Asian friends have come up with another innovation to help ease the life of those tired husbands. This new development has already been introduced to a couple of shopping centres in Shanghai including the prestigious Global Harbour Mall in the Putuo district. It has been described locally as a husband parking bay (although I like to think of it as a ‘Hubby Play-pod‘).

The cabins have been developed by the company Ingrem Technology. Their manager, Mr Wei Pengfei, explained that market research had shown that although most people go shopping in ‘pairs’ usually the men are the first to become bored with the experience. When this happens their wife (or girlfriend) can drop them off at the Hubby Play-pod (at the time of writing their are four of these facilities in the Global Harbour Shopping Mall).

Man at Play Ladies shop Till You Drop Husband Parking Pod Article at ChrisDugglebydotcom
A client being gainfully occupied in a Hubby-parking pod in a Shanghai shopping mall

Inside the pod is a comfortable sports seat which also provides a personal massage facility. The parked ‘guest’ can make use of the computer games on offer within the play-pod. Currently the facilities are free but the demand has been very strong with some gentlemen being left there for several hours by their partners. The plan is to start charging for the service in the near future.

Mr Wei Pengfei explained that interest is growing rapidly with enquiries from a further ten clients under consideration. The plan is to equip the next generation of Hubby-pods with air conditioning (it gets very warm in Shanghai in the summer months). Charges will be introduced based on the amount of time a guest spends inside the pod.

Ingrem Mgr Wei Pengfei Ladies shop Till You Drop Husband Parking Pod Article at ChrisDugglebydotcom
Ingrem Technology (Hubby-pod supplier) Manager – Mr. Wei Pengfei

And how is the feedback about the Hubby-pod experience? Mr Wei explained that generally the men have found the experience very enjoyable – their appetite for going shopping with their partners appears to have increased. However the ladies responses were more mixed. Li Ting, a 35 year old stay-at-home mother from Shanghai, told the China News (CNS):  “I think it’s a creative way for my husband to take a break from shopping, which men are often not interested in. It’s totally fine if he plays games there for half an hour while I’m trying on dresses and I don’t need his opinions.”

By contrast Ding Wen, a 29 year old primary school teacher, considered it unacceptable to see her husband sitting there playing computer games if he chose to go out with her for a date:  “Whether it was a decade ago when we started a love relationship or it’s now when we already have a three-year-old son, I always believe we should take the quality time we spend together seriously,”

Asian Gentlemen can sometimes find shopping very tiring – a typical  ‘after shopping’ scene in the subway.

Mr Wei explained that although most ladies support his development some women like to try on and show their husbands or boyfriends the clothes they are interested in. It should be noted however that the pods do have glass walls so theoretically the man could look at his wife from inside of the pod. Some other ladies were unhappy because they had finished with their shopping but then struggled to get their man out of the pod  – apparently he was having such a good time.

By the way if you do go to Osaka in Japan and want to check out the original pod hotel there the English language website to the Capsule Inn Hotel Osaka is here (This is not a recommendation or endorsement – just for info as a piece of Japanese cultural history). Clearly this could be the next development in the evolution of the Hubby shopping pod – don’t just go shopping with him for a couple of hours – put him in a pod hotel and spend the whole weekend shopping (but make sure you keep the credit cards ladies!).

Pod Hotel Decor Ladies shop Till You Drop Husband Parking Pod Article at ChrisDugglebydotcom
Long Term Hubby Parking option for a Weekend out shopping with the girls?

Enjoy the Weekend!

Chris Duggleby.

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2 thoughts on “Ladies Shop Till You Drop – Leave Your Man in a Husband Parking Pod – The Capsule Hotel Idea for Bored Shoppers”

  1. This is hilarious. I have heard of tiny away from home apartments the Japanese sometimes have but this concept and the ‘downside’ of not being able to get their men out when done shopping is interesting. Wonder if sometimes a lady will send the man and the kids for shopping errands and crawl in there to relax till they are done. That would be heavenly. So, Guess it’s better than a doghouse we metaphorically put our husbands in when they get exasperating. lol

    1. …of course as we introduce them into our politically correct West we need to make these pods less gender specific – perhaps renaming them ‘partner re-invigoration facilities’. Maybe we could include spa and manicure options to encourage the gentler sexes (including, of course, the gentler gentlemen). Thanks as always for your feedback Linda.

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