Original Duggleby Settlers in Australia (so far!)

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In my last blog I shared with you some of the information derived from the Chartulary of the Bridlington Priory. This described property transactions of Dugglebys living in the 1200s. If you would like to take a look at this please follow the link here.

This week I would like to jump to the other side of the globe and share with you some more recent information kindly provided by Ellen Reid, our intrepid Duggleby researcher. Ellen has prepared a list of the Duggleby first settlers in Australia which I am certain will make interesting reading.

Many of these people have links to the master Duggleby family tree that I am currently updating and hope to share on this site again before the end of November (subject to the move into my new home in England going according to plan and the demands made by my day job!).

Here is the list of Duggleby settlers in Australia that Ellen has been able to identify from public records:

Listed in order of date of arrival:

Arrival in Australia 1814: Judith Duggleby

Born 13 May 1792 Bridlington, Yorkshire, England and died 7 October 1855 in Camperdown, Cumberland, New South Wales, Australia.

Arrived in Sydney, Australia on 9th January 1814 on the ship Wanstead which departed from Spithead, England on 24th Aug 1813, the voyage taking 138 days to complete. The convicts on board included 120 females, one of which was Judith DUGGLEBY who was tried at York, England and convicted on 6th October 1812. The Master was Henry Moore. The ship weighed 253 tons and had 12 guns.

Arrival in Australia 1854: John Duggleby

Born 1823 England, and died September 25, 1860 in Perth, Western Australia.

Arrived Fremantle prison, Western Australia on 30 March 1854 on the ship General Godwin. Served in 14th Light Dragoons. Court martialled at Meerut, India 12 October 1853 and sentenced to 14 years transportation.

Arrival in Australia 1882: Matthias Piercy Duggleby

Born 8 June 1851 Beswick, Yorkshire, England and died?

Arrived in Queensland, Australia on 28 November 1882 on the ship Mairi Bhan.

There are several references in Australian newspaper articles to ‘M P Duggleby’ up to and including an advertisement in the Brisbane Courier on Saturday 23 June 1900, page 11. Matthias Piercy is the eldest brother of Alfred and John Henry.

Arrival in Australia 1884: Alfred Duggleby

Born 8 December 1861 Beswick, Yorkshire, England and died 26 February 1941 in Queensland Australia.

Arrived in Queensland, Australia on 29 April 1884 on the ship Dorunda.

Alfred was accompanied by his brother Edwin on this journey. Edwin later went on to New Zealand, died and was buried there.

Alfred is the brother of Matthias Piercy and John Henry.

Arrival in Australia 1886: John Henry Duggleby

Born 29 November 1856 Beswick, Yorkshire, England and died 14 July 1935 in Queensland Australia.

Arrived in Queensland, Australia on 9 March 1886 on the ship Dorunda.

Brother of Matthias Piercy and Alfred.

Arrival in Australia 1901: John Robert Marr Duggleby

Born 1882 Sunderland, Wearside, England, and died on 5 June 1901 at Warwick Hospital, Queensland, Australia, aged 18 years, a draper.

Arrived in Queensland, Australia on 16 January 1901 on the ship Duke of Devonshire.

Arrival in Australia 1912: John Taylor Duggleby

Born 5 December 1887 Beverley, Yorkshire, England and died 19 October 1953 in Ashburton, Melbourne, Australia.

Arrived in Victoria, Australia in October 1912 on the ship Suevic.

Arrival in Australia 1962: John Colin Duggleby

Lives in Victoria Australia.

Arrival in Australia 1970: Alec W. Duggleby

Lives in Western Australia.

Arrival in Australia 1975: Ronald George Duggleby

Lives in Queensland, Australia.

To give you an example of the linkages between some of these people and the main Duggleby family tree let’s take the first person on the list of settlers in Australia, Judith Duggleby. According to the version of the master tree I am currently updating she is believed to have the following ancestral roots in the UK:

Judith Duggleby 1792 -1855 (arrived in Australia in 1814)

Daughter of James Duggleby 1754 – 1825,

Son of Christopher Duggleby 1727 – 1769,

Son of Christopher Duggleby born 1702,

Son of William Duggleby 1660 – 1728,

Son of Christopher Duggleby 1640 – 1703,

Son of William Duggleby 1600 – 1646,

Son of William Duggleby 1575 – 1620 (mutual ancestor with myself – see the Duggleby History page here),

Son of Robert Duggleby 1535 – 1589,

Son of William Duggleby 1510 – 1561 (see William Douglebi of North Dalton at the bottom of page 2: Duggleby Family Tree – first 500 years after the Domesday book: using this link).

Although the information above was derived from public records if any of the living people mentioned prefer not to have their names mentioned on this site please let me know and I will immediately delete the information. Likewise if anyone spots a mistake just let me know via the comments box (if you wish your comments not to be published just add ‘confidential’ at the top of the message). For those who are keen to have their ancestral links published on the site please be patient with me – I am typing as fast as my aging fingers will allow.

That’s all for this blog. Big thanks to Ellen Reid for providing the information. Back now to updating the master tree ready for publication (hopefully) by the end of November.

Chris Duggleby.

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STOP PRESS! Here is the link to the web-site Ellen has set up to coordinate everything relating to the Dugglebys (Dugelbys) in Australia (just click on the blue text). 4 comments so far – please keep them coming.   XXXX Chris

7 thoughts on “Original Duggleby Settlers in Australia (so far!)”

  1. Hello Linda
    I tried to email you this but it was rejected?
    I do hope you are all well

    I have the information you wanted about Alfred Waldby Duggleby (1871 – 1954) and his time in Australia.

    Langtoft Parish Register: Baptism 7 August 1871 (DOB 8 July 1871) Alfred Waldby Duggleby son of Alfred & Hannah Duggleby of Cottam, Farmer. (Copy on file)

    Died 30/5/1954 USA

    Left London 12 Dec 1888 arrived Brisbane, Queensland, Australia 5 February 1889 on the ship Merkara, accompanied by his elder brother Michael Waldby Duggleby. I have a copy of this passenger list on file.

    later returned to England before settling in USA. (to date do not know when and on what ship)

    Left Liverpool on board SS British Prince and arrived in Philadelphia on 10 July 1893. I have a copy of the immigration card on file.

    A couple of things you might be able to answer for me please. Where did Alfred die? And what does the G stand for in your name please? I think it is an American thing to use initials but never let on the full names as I come across it so many times LOL

    Hope this information is of help and let me know if you want copies of these documents.

    Kind regards to all


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