Original Duggleby (Dugleby) Settlers in New Zealand (so far!) – and Updates on Dugglebys arriving in Canada, India, Mexico, and South Africa.


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Following on from my last blog in which I shared with you the details of the Dugglebys who first settled in Australia (and if you missed it the link is here) I would like this week to provide an update on the New Zealand Duggleby forefathers (and mothers).

Once again our intrepid Duggleby researcher, Ellen Reid, has furnished me with the products of her latest investigations. Here are the details of those members of the clan entering New Zealand (identified from public records).


Original Duggleby settlers in New Zealand (listed in order of date of arrival).

1852 Richard Dugleby

Born 22 December 1816 Camberwell, London, England and died 31 January 1869 Auckland, New Zealand.

Departed 21 May 1852 Plymouth, England, on Priam and arrived 25 August 1852 Portland Bay with is wife Matilda and son Walter.

1882 Hannah Duggleby

Born 5 march 1849, Bishop Wilton, Yorkshire, England and died 14 February 1928, Eltham, New Zealand.

Married Jabez William Rowntree at Sydenham, New Zealand 18 March 1882.

1889 Edwin Duggleby

Born 8 December 1861 Beswick, Yorkshire, England and died 31 January 1897 Christchurch, New Zealand.

Emigrated to New Zealand from Australia about 1889.


As with her Australian Duggleby site (link via my last blog), Ellen has published the information she has gathered so far on a bespoke Dugglebys (Duglebys) in New Zealand website. Please take a look at this using the link here. There is also an e-mail link on the NZ site in case you would like to communicate with Ellen Reid directly regarding the contents of her country specific Duggleby sites or provide additional information for her to post (please also feel free to communicate via this site – we are in close touch with one another).

Not being one to rest on her laurels Ellen has also provided me in the last few days with an update on the information she has about the Dugglebys landing in Canada, India, Mexico, and South Africa. I have included the details below.


Original Duggleby settlers in Canada (listed in order of date of arrival).

1888 Ann Duggleby

Born 26 September 1836 Bishop Wilton, Yorkshire, England and died on date unknown in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Arrived in Toronto, Ontario, Canada sometime in 1888 with her husband Robert Harrison and their children.

1901 William Cecil Owston Waldby Duggleby

Born 11 July 1873 Langtoft, Yorkshire, England and died 21 June 1949 at Swan River, Manitoba, Canada.

18 April 1901 William C Duggleby left Liverpool on board Parisian bound for Montreal.

1910 Lawrence Henry Duggleby

Born 27 August 1892 Scarborough, Yorkshire, England and died 5 January 1970 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

1910 Laurence H Diggleby sic aged 16 left Liverpool on board Laurentic bound for Quebec, Canada

1912 Emma Louise Duggleby (Second Cousin twice removed of International Duggleby researcher Ellen Duggleby)

Born 1881 Nether Poppleton, Yorkshire England.

1912 EMMIE L DUGGLEBY aged 30 departed Liverpool on board Virginian bound for Montreal, Canada.

1913 Claude Waldby Duggleby

Born 15 May 1899 Scarborough, Yorkshire, England and died 11 March 1959 in Unity, Saskatchewan, Canada.

12 April 1913 Claude W Duggleby aged 13 and Septes W Duggleby sic aged 44 Left Liverpool on board Megantic for Halifax, Canada.

1953 Basil Duggleby

Born 24 December 1914 Scarborough, Yorkshire, England and died date unknown in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

1953 Basil Duggleby aged 38, Norah M Duggleby aged 43 and Frederick William Duggleby aged 34 Left Liverpool on board Empress of France bound for Montreal, Canada.

1972 Thomas Duggleby

Born 27 January 1906 Lille, France and died date 12 April 1988 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


Dugglebys in India (listed in order of date of arrival):

1905 Thomas Richard Duggleby

Born 31 May 1874 Sunderland, Wearside, England.

Left London 21 September 1900 on board Arabia and arrived in Calcutta November 1900.

He married and had at least one child in India, briefly returned to England in June 1913 and then returned to Calcutta 11 September 1913 declaring this to be his “future place of permanent residence”.

The brother of John Robert Marr Duggleby who emigrated to Australia 1901.

(Second Cousin twice removed of International Duggleby researcher Ellen Duggleby)


Dugglebys in Mexico

1925 William Duggleby (Dugleby)

Born 18 January 1895 Bolton, Lancashire, England and died October 1966 Mexico City.

Left Liverpool on board Adriatic and arrived in New York 26 September 1925 declaring final destination to be Santa Rosa, Mexico.


Dugglebys in South Africa (listed in order of date of arrival).

1820 Samuel Duggleby

Born 11 December 1787 Cottingham, Yorkshire, England and died on date unknown probably in South Africa.

Arrived Algoa bay 15 May 1820 on board HMS Weymouth. Part of Cock’s Party which formed part of the British government-assisted emigration scheme to the CapeColony, South Africa.

1894 Leonard Duggleby

Born 11 October 1868 Beverley, Yorkshire, England and died 1942 probably in South   Africa.

Arrived Capetown 24 August 1894 on NorhamCastle.

1949 John Walter Duggleby

Born 1927 Driffield, Yorkshire, England.

Arrived in Capetown 1949 on board Stirling Castle. Lives in George, South Africa – married Wilma at age 70 in South Africa. Information from his brother Richard Hardy Duggleby (thanks Richard).


If any visitors to the site have questions or further information regarding these people please do not hesitate to let me know via the comments box below (if you do not want your comment to be published just add the word confidential at the top). Alternatively contact Ellen Reid direct using the e-mail address provided in one of her Duggleby sites.

Over the next couple of months I will be trying to weave this information into the Global Duggleby Family Tree I am preparing. This is anticipated to be ready at the end of November (to allow me to do some appropriate QC checks – whilst also moving my UK home and holding down my day job!).

I hope you find this and the wealth of information in Ellen’s bespoke Duggleby Country sites interesting.

Greetings from a rather damp Bavaria (but fortunately the Alps look good whatever the weather!),

Chris Duggleby.

5 thoughts on “Original Duggleby (Dugleby) Settlers in New Zealand (so far!) – and Updates on Dugglebys arriving in Canada, India, Mexico, and South Africa.”

  1. I notice my parents, daughter and her husband of Claude Duggleby are listed (he was in Unity, Saskatchewan). The birthdays are incorrect, but interesting! Are you still following this up?

    1. Thanks Allan,
      This info originally came from Ellen who had painstakingly tried to track down the ‘remaining’ Dugglebys we had not already found. I decided not to update my rather large global family tree because I really didn’t have enough corrections to make it worthwhile – it exists as a starting point to help anyone in the ‘Duggleby family’ wishing to prepare a detailed local branch including their relatives. Because of the reliability of the records we can be pretty confident about the UK sourced info – sadly (as I think you have discovered) the info in some overseas locations was based more on personal memories/communications than on indisputable government records. The other problem I have with updates is that to comply with data protection rules I cant publish information about living people – so the cross referencing process becomes almost impossible. However I hope I have wet the appetite for the next generation to take the process further.
      all the best,

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