The Duggleby Family Tree Grows

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I am just writing a short blog this week to let regulars know that I have uploaded a new update to the evolving Duggleby Family Tree. You can get to it by using the link on the Family Tree page (part of the Duggleby History section of this blog). Alternatively just click here.

There are a few changes to the previous version. The main one is that there are now a lot more entries (48 pages worth) and there is still plenty to do. I am now included on the left of page 47: the male line from Sir Henry to myself is indicate using dark blue shading (other males are in light blue and the females are in red).

On the first few of pages which cover the Dugglebys living between 1115 and 1600 I have added the different spellings of the name from the various ancient documents. In a future blog I will provide some more information about some of the earliest documents I have found. If you are interested in historical Duggleby documents that I have already described please take a look at the blog entries here and here.

As the tree has grown I have identified a number of Dugglebys (or Duglebys and Dugelbys) who are still alive (or at least I think they could be). In order to stay in compliance with the European Data Privacy laws I have protected the information about these people in the version published here. If you are one of these individuals your name and other private information should have been removed. However if you know the name of your most recent relative who has died you should be able to find out where you are on the tree. If you send me updated details (names, births, deaths, spouses and wedding dates) I can send you a private copy by e-mail with the appropriate boxes uncovered and where necessary corrected. All you need to so is send me the information using the comments box on this site (adding the word ‘private’ if you do not wish the comments to be published). I will respond to your e-mail address as soon as I am able to prepare an update for you (or check with you if I have any specific questions).

At first glance it appears that there are not too many Dugglebys alive today despite a huge number of the family who lived in the past. This is partly due to our ancestors propensity to give birth to girls. The records are more difficult to trace as the ladies married and changed their names. I know that there are a number of examples where family members have left the UK and started Duggleby offshoots around the globe. My own nearest and dearest living in Germany, Austria and Spain are typical examples. Once again if you can spot one of your grandparents or great grandparents on the tree and you can provide more detail about a specific non-UK part of the family I would be happy to add your information and send you back an updated private version. Names of living Dugglebys will be protected on the master version published here.

If you spot someone on the tree where I have protected the information but that person has now died please let me know the date and I will correct the entry and unblock the information on the published version of the tree.

For anyone who is interested in the data privacy regulations I will try and provide an explanation of my interpretation in a future blog (my priority at the moment is to try and capture as much information into the tree as possible).

If you are a Duggleby and your details are missing from the tree it is possible that you are part of the family that I have simply not yet got to so please keep checking this site for progress.

As always I am grateful for any information provided by visitors to the site. Please do not hesitate if you have any feedback, recommendations or corrections. More to follow in the coming months…..

Have a great week!

Chris Duggleby

One thought on “The Duggleby Family Tree Grows”

  1. Chris (D),

    Also I have just noticed that you mention a Duggleby in Alberta, Canada from
    about the same time as our Jack (John) Henry Crompton b.1875 son of Margaret Elizabeth Crompton nee Duggleby b.1846 – he went to Canada 1906 (see my John Crompton 1805 sheet 2a)

    Regards Chris (G)

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