Sunset Rocks at Sandy Bay Cape Town – also good for naked moon set parties

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Sunset Rocks, Llandudno, Cape Town doing what it says on the tin as the sun goes down

This week I am going to restrict myself to only showing you pictures taken from my balcony (with a few pictures of a my neighbours’ properties to show you what is available nearby). One of the reasons I come here is to be able to focus on writing without too many distractions (you can visit one of my latest creations at In fact I do not even allow myself to have a car here, which can be a challenge because Llandudno and Sunset Rocks do not have any shops or restaurants. I will explain how I solved that problem in a later blog article.

Without a car I am forced to walk to my two local beaches which ensures I get some exercise (if you are interested in seeing what these beaches look like please visit my previous articles on Llandudno and Sandy Bay Beaches – they are both about 15-20 minutes walk from the apartment).

Let me explain how Sunset Rocks got its name. Actually the pictures above and below do not need much further explanation….

Sun setting over Karbonkelberg Mountain taken from Sunset Rocks, on a rainy day

Although this location was named after its sunsets I find that the setting of the moon is also magical, especially when we have a full moon like the one below. All of these photographs are taken from my balcony which is convenient because in order to catch the moon setting I often need to jump out of bed in the middle of the night (don’t worry you wont find my night attire featured in any of these photographs!).

An African full moon sets over Sunset Rocks

Just taking a picture of the moon on its own can be a bit boring so in the picture below I managed to capture my next door neighbour’s house (many thanks to ‘Villa Lara’) which adds a little human interest to the scene.

The full moon sets over my neighbour’s house (Villa Lara) at Sunset Rocks

Moving away from the night let us now take a look at the views from my voluntary balcony imprisonment during the day time. The first picture captures the view to the left of the balcony featuring the Karbonkelberg Mountain and Sandy Bay beach with its surrounding rocks and other interesting distractions (don’t worry no mid-day telescopic lens photos of Cape Town’s famous nudist beach will be featured in this highly ‘respectable’ website – unless by accident!).

RISKKO admires the view of Karbonkelberg Mountain to the left of our balcony

The photograph below presents a panoramic view of the ocean as seen looking directly out from the balcony. As with all my pictures this has been taken in high-definition. If you want to see more detail on any photographs just click with your cursor over the picture and you will see a high-definition version. Then use the backward arrow on your browser to get back to this page.

Panoramic view from the balcony including the Karbonkelberg Mountain and Sunset Rocks

To the right of my balcony I get quite a different view. Here you can see the back-side of the 12 Apostles mountain range. The shot below was taken as the sun was setting which creates some stunning red colours.

View from the right of the balcony: the 12 Apostles Mountain range

As the sun sets on one side we often get the moon rising from the other direction. The photograph below captured the moon just as it rose over the 12 Apostles Mountain (again from the balcony).

Moon rising over the 12 Apostles Mountain range taken from the balcony at Sunset Rocks

In my earlier article about Llandudno I mentioned that in this ‘village’ we have some of the most expensive real estate in cape town – US $2-3m would get you a fairly average place. The next 4 pictures are of some of my other neighbours to share with you a selection of the homes that are available around Sunset Rocks.

Sunset Rocks, Llandudno, luxury properties (1)
Sunset Rocks, Llandudno, luxury properties (2)
Sunset Rocks, Llandudno, luxury properties (3)
Sunset Rocks, Llandudno, luxury properties (4)

Coming back to my more modest roof top apartment with its very discreet balcony I noticed in the last few days that my New Zealand Christmas Tree has acquired its first flower. This is where I hang my Christmas Lights – more on that in a later article.

My New Zealand Christmas Tree has its first flower for this season, time to think of decorations

Although I live a somewhat reclusive existence I am never short of visits from beautiful birds. Here are a couple of pretty singers that popped over to entertain RISKKO and myself on the balcony.

A pair of pretty birds getting ready for a sing-song on my balcony

…..and occasionally we get a really sophisticated bird calling in like the one below…

Pretty bird getting ready to jump onto my balcony
Pretty bird sunning herself on my balcony

As the sun sets our pretty visitors have to return to their homes…..

My pretty partner decides to take off just as the sun goes down at Sunset Rocks

Since the theme of this week’s article is ‘Sunset Rocks’ let me leave you with some more photographs of impressive sunsets and moonsets that I have recently witnessed. If you have any comments or questions please do not hesitate to use the comments box at the bottom of the article.

Time now for a sundowner!

Chris Duggleby.

Sunset Rocks, Llandudno, Cape Town another glorious African red sunset over the ocean
Sunset Rocks: a rainy but beautiful red sunset
Sunset Rocks just before the moon finally sets
The sea and rocks illuminated by the setting of the full moon

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4 thoughts on “Sunset Rocks at Sandy Bay Cape Town – also good for naked moon set parties”

    1. Hi Christine,

      These days I take most of my photos using a Fujifilm X-S1, it has a built in extendible lens with a focal length from 20.3 to 127.1 mm (Equiv.135 = 80mm-500mm) and I tend to use the in-built settings for things like sunsets, panoramas and close ups. I hope to publish some nice close up’s of the wild flowers in South Africa in a future article. So in summary – I just take the camera and a spare battery (and stuffed animals for padding out my rucksack to avoid getting back-ache!).

      Kind regards,


      1. Hi Chris. I agree, the photos are beautiful. Did you know you have relatives in South Africa? Elizabeth Duggleby born 1786 in Beswick married Elijah Nicholson born 1790 in Watton. They migrated to South Africa and established a plantation. Their family still lives there.

        1. Hi Bonny,
          I was not aware of relatives here although I have had contact with other ‘Dugglebys’ on the African continent. I will keep my eyes open. If any of the African Duggleby clan happen to read this please let us know how you are getting on via the comments section of the Duggleby History page.
          Thanks for keeping in touch Bonny,

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