Cape Town police clear Sandy Bay beach prior to arrival of celebrity dog

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Those readers who regularly visit this blog will be aware that the next generation of Dugglebys (namely my son in Bavaria, Pascal) has already been sold on the advantages of quadbikes due to their versatility and fuel efficiency. In a recent blog article I featured a visit by Pascal with his new ‘wheels’ to my place in the Bavarian Alps. He works in the event management business and a quadbike is a very practical way of getting around rock festivals where the terrain (and the weather) is not always ‘car friendly’. You can find that article by using the link here.

So imagine how impressed I was when I discovered that in preparation for the visit of our celebrity hound RISKKO the Hout Bay Police department had sent in reinforcements to ensure that Sandy Bay Beach was cleared of any undesirables (in particular paparazzi with telescopic lenses trying to catch pictures of RISKKO skinny dipping with the birds on the beach).

Police on Quadbike dealing with a couple of stars bathing on Sandy Bay Beach Cape Town

Sandy Bay is the closest beach to the African hide-away which I use to escape the European winter. It is less than 15 minutes walk from my front door. However because it is part of the Table Mountain National Park it is not very easy to access or patrol using the normal 4 wheel police vehicles. Therefore the local police from the nearest town, Hout Bay, come over on their quadbikes and do the job in style, with the minimum impact on the environment. This allows them to also patrol the pathways leading from Hout Bay to the beach.

Sign to Sandy Bay beach part of Table Mountain National Park

Despite its remote (and therefore wonderful) location Sandy Bay also receives careful attention from the authorities in other respects. I was particularly impressed to see the amount of attention given to educating sun worshippers about the harmful effects of over exposure to the sun. They actually encourage people to wear extra clothing on the way to and from the beach (to minimise the potential damage by harmful UV radiation).

“Public Health” sign advising how to minimise exposure to harmful UV radiation at Sandy Bay beach

The photograph below shows the location of Sandy Bay in relation to Sunset Rocks which is where my roof-top retreat is situated. There are two ways to get from Sunset Rocks to Sandy Bay. One follows the official path (and if you visit please note the requirement to be suitably attired – we don’t want to risk any over exposure!).

Where is Sandy Bay Beach and Sunset Rocks (Llandudno, Cape Town)

The second way (and the way RISKKO and I prefer because it take a little longer and provides us with some excellent exercise) involves going (and in some cases climbing) over the rocks. The Photograph below shows these rocks which also provide an alternative bathing location for people who do not necessarily wish to get sand into every crook and crevice.

The rocky assault course between Sunset Rocks and Sandy Bay Beach

Often we arrive at the beach very early in the morning when the sand is untouched by other visitors (except for the birds and crabs). Although it is sometimes misty early in the morning the sights are still staggering and the feeling of being at one with nature is unique.

Sandy Bay Beach – untouched by human feet

There are actually two main beaches making up the area people refer to as Sandy Bay beach. The one in the picture below is the smaller of the two and has a lot of interesting rock formations and rock pools to explore (more on these adventures in a later blog article).

RISKKO visits the smaller beach at Sandy Bay

The next picture shows this smaller beach from the opposite side which gives a better view of the rock pools. Notice there is only one set of human footprints on the beach – mine!

The smaller beach at Sandy Bay on a cloudy day from the Karbunkel Mountain side

Moving on from the smaller beach (either via a path along the grass to the left or if the tide is out you can walk along the sand and rocks from one beach to the next) the first thing you will notice as you enter the larger beach is the fantastic view of the Karbunkel Mountain (named because it looks from the other, Hout Bay side, like a carbuncle).

The larger beach at Sandy Bay on a cloudy day

If you go to the end of this larger beach and look back (in my case from a vantage point on some of the rocks) you can see the mountain views providing the backdrop to the other side or the beach. These are the little lions head mountain (the pointed one) and the back-end of the 12 Apostles mountain (which were featured in my last blog on Llandudno which can be found here).

The larger beach at Sandy Bay showing the view of the little lions head and the 12 apostles Mountains

Here is another view of the Karbunkel Mountain showing off some of the flora and the fascinating rock formations in the sea.

The views from Sandy Bay beach are fantastic – here is the Karbunkel Mountain

The photograph below is of the little lions head with an even smaller dogs head in the foreground. There is a bigger Lions Head mountain nearer to the centre of Cape Town which is also pointed. You will be able to see this in the photograph at the end of this blog.

Another superb view from the rocks near Sandy Bay beach – The Little Lions Head

The next three photographs illustrate some of the colourful natural flora that grows naturally in this area. These just happen to be the ones that were in bloom on this African spring day.

Incredible natural flora found by Sandy Bay beach

If you like wild flowers Cape Town and its natural parks are well worth a visit. In some of my later blogs I will be presenting some of the beautiful flowers I found in other parts of the region.

More pretty flowers found on the rocks by Sandy Bay beach

Another rock, another flower! More hidden treasures from Sandy Bay beach

Finally my ‘exercise’ trip took me along the last part of the official path leading to the car park at Sunset rocks. On the left hand side just before you get to the car parking area there was a beautiful array of orange,yellow and purple flowers which I captured in the following photographs.

A flowering carpet of orange and yellow growing by the side of the path from Sunset Rocks down to Sandy Bay

Closer view of the orange and yellow flowers by the path from Sunset Rocks down to Sandy Bay

Have I managed to wet your appetite for a visit yet? So far I have only been able to present a fraction of the beauty which exists in this region. We have beauty at the micro level with the flowers and small animals and at the macro level with the mountains and sea views (and of course the Whales – more on that later). If you like what you see please visit the site again.

Greetings from Africa,

Chris Duggleby

Lions Head, 12 Apostles, Little Lions Head and Table Mountain – taken from the path on Karbunkel Mountain above Sandy Bay Beach

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    • Yep, I can sadly verify this due to the unwilling acquisition of 3 knife wounds at Sandy Bay on 1st Jan 2010 – learned my lesson the hard way about taking sunset pics in pretty, but remote, locations. My assailant kindly adopted my camera and cellphone so that I could focus on getting myself stitched up at Constantiaberg hospital before I lost too much blood (thanks the to help of a kind neighbour with a fast car at Sunset rocks). Chris.

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