Sports You Wont Find at the Olympics: Boxing to Survive, Swimming in the Dark, and In-line skating in the ‘all-together’


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Well surprise, surprise the weekend has arrived and the Alps are blessed once again with…..rain.

So my weekly offerings to you are going to be somewhat text orientated. This, however, should not be seen as a disappointment because I have found some rather interesting items to share with you which should stimulate some thought and debate (just in case you get a little tired of the olympics or even the rain).

Now the 2012 olympics have formally started I have decided to give this week’s blog a sporting focus. I am dedicating three separate articles on my website to three very different sporting activities: boxing, swimming and skating. However, these are not the classical versions of these sports. My three articles describe some very different approaches to these subjects, one which will probably provoke some deep emotional feelings and two which are rather more light-hearted.

Boxing to Survive

Let us start with the more serious, emotionally charged article. You can open this directly by using the link to my Alpine Press section which is here.

This article describes a cartoon comic style book which has recently been published by the German illustrator Reinhard Kleist. Generally we would expect a book full of cartoons to be somewhat light in nature and perhaps humourous. I think it is safe to say that this book is quite the opposite. It has some of the most depressing, frightening and painful illustrations you could imagine. The book uses cartoons to tell the story of a jewish boxer Hertzko Haft (known in the USA as Harry Haft) who was imprisoned in the Nazi Concentration and Mass extermination Camp in Auschwitz. He was forced by his prison guards to ………….

Well if you would like to find out more why don’t you click on the link above. This will save me having to repeat myself. However one word of warning; if you want to be cheered up… this article on another occasion.

Night Time Swimming in Bavaria’s Lakes

If you have read the article above you may well need this one to calm your nerves and remind yourself that there are some more pleasant aspects to life on this planet. My second article this week can be found using the link here.

I came across the original German story written by Sophie Kobel, a beautiful young lady who writes for We have something in common; a passion for night-time swimming in the lakes in and around Munich. Actually I have to admit that for me the passion started when I used to manage a company in the Austrian Lake district. During the summer months I would finish work in the evening to take off to a lake high in the mountains. Here the clean air and crystal clear water was so fantastic that I had to force myself to go back down the mountain and spend a few hours in bed before the next day’s work began.

Sophie tells the story of her own experiences with her young friends when they go after-hours swimming in the lakes and streams around Munich. If you would like to learn more about what she gets up to (and where) please follow the link above.

In-line Skating in the Nude

I have to admit that this article has a slightly humourous dimension to it. I think many readers will appreciate that our Alpine friends can sometimes have a slightly liberal attitude when it comes to wearing (or not wearing) clothes. This is the land of the Frei Korper Kulture (FKK or Free Body Culture) and this ‘culture’ is not just restricted to the bathing areas referred to in the article above.

Some of our neighbours have an advanced form of FKK that I would describe as FKS or Frei Korper Sports. This article describes how someone was apprehended by the local gendarmerie for practicing in-line skating in his birthday suit. Clearly there may well be a very logical explanation for this occurrence – perhaps this was a professional sports scientist who was trying to assess the amount of drag on the body created when you wear clothes. Obviously for such a scientific experiment you need to set the base line (in other words calculate the drag when no clothes are involved). To avoid causing embarrassment I would recommend that next time he considers using a wind tunnel for his experiments. He should not have been surprised that skating in the ‘altogether’ through the Dachau Industrial Park would attract more than a little attention (although it was midnight). More information about this unusual sporting development is available in my detailed review under the link here.

So this is all for this week. If the weather improves I may be able to get my photographic team back into action (Pink Lips and RISKKO are starting to suffer from vitamin D deficiency). I hope you find my three alternative sporting articles interesting. It not, there are certainly a few other sporting activities underway at the moment.

Have a great week,

Chris Duggleby

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