Don’t let the rain get you down: Plan a trip to beautiful Munich and Upper Bavaria (Video) & learn how to make your e-books smell like the real thing


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Bad Weather Therapy: Good Coffee, Cakes and Plan Your Vacation (with a nice smelling book)

Much of Europe is currently suffering under unseasonal levels of rain and the Alps are no exception. However sunshine is on the way and you might be thinking of popping over to Munich or visiting Bavaria soon. So in order to wet your appetite I am embedding a nice little video this week which highlights some of the great things you can visit if you come over (don’t worry there is not a single picture of either myself or RISKKO in this video – so you can put down the tranquilizers).

In this 15 minute video you will find pictures of the wonderful castles, palaces, and other famous buildings this region has to offer. There are also some shots of BMW World for the car enthusiasts and a quick overview of some of the famous shopping districts. It is all set to a soothing piece of Beethoven so you can have a nice little relaxing drool (perhaps with some Black Forest gateaux and a Rudesheimer coffee – for the uninitiated I have even added a video on how to make a Rudesheimer Cafe and a recipe – be careful not to burn yourself on the spirit!).


Here is the Rudesheimer treat ( 調製德國露迪斯海姆咖啡 make RUDESHEIMER COFFEE ):

and the Rudesheimer recipe (kind thanks to,

Place three sugar cubes in the original Rüdesheim coffee cup, add 4 cl of well warmed Asbach Uralt and set alight with a long match.

Stir using the long Rüdesheim coffee spoon to dissolve the sugar and allow to burn for about 1 minute. Fill the cup with hot coffee to about 2 cm under the rim.

Top with whipped cream sweetened with vanilla sugar and sprinkle with dark chocolate flakes.

Additional suggestion from heat the Asbach Uralt either in a container suitable for microwaving at 600W for one minute, or simply in a casserole.

Making e-books smell right

All of us who were brought up in the pre e-book era will remember the smell of old books when we used to fumble through classics in the library or in a second-hand book shop. Even new books have a very characteristic smell which reflects a combination of the treatment of the paper, the ink, the adhesives and in some cases the leather cover.

As we move over to e-books, those of us who rely heavily on our tactile senses feel somewhat deprived. Yes you can buy a leather cover for your e-book reader to try to recapture some of the ‘old book cover’ feel but what about the smell?

Well the publishers Steidl, working with the Wallpaper Magazine and the perfumery expert Geza Schön have tried to address this sensory gap for true classical book lovers. They have even enlisted the help of Karl Lagerfeld to help them design the linen cloth based binding for their creation. What they have come up with is a bottle of ‘book smelling’ magic hidden in a ‘cut-out’ book (resembling the way people used to hide pistols in their bibles in the wild west).

This little creation is called Paper Passion Perfume and if you are interested you can find it quickly using your internet search engine or here. Of course if you partner has a real passion for books you might even consider spraying some of this magic potion on your chest (unless your partner is one of those people who reaches for a book to put them to sleep).

Health Scandal “The worst incident in the history of German transplantation medicine”

Finally I have added a new article to the Alpine Press section of the website which may be of interest to those who are concerned about health issues. This article describes a scandal which has appeared in the last couple of days in the German press. It relates to liver transplantation investigations. The german authorities are investigating whether a senior doctor in a clinic in Göttingen may have falsified medical records to ensure his patients get to the top of the waiting list for donor organs. In a world in which we have too few donor organs for serious medical problems the idea that someone might be able to ‘fiddle’ the waiting list is clearly abhorrent. The link to my english explanation is given below.

Happy reading,

Chris Duggleby.

Link to Alpine Press article: How can I get a human liver – without waiting? (Try Göttingen) – German Transplantation Scandal “Livers for Sale” 

One thought on “Don’t let the rain get you down: Plan a trip to beautiful Munich and Upper Bavaria (Video) & learn how to make your e-books smell like the real thing”

  1. Hi, danke für die Auffrischung für den Rüdesheimer Kaffee, besitze einige Rüdesheimer Tassen aus der früheren Zeit. Werde beim Zubereiten an Dich denken.

    Ein Freund

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