Do You Need A Special Musical Birthday Gift? Try – Happy Birthday Friend

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This weekend I decided it was time to dust off the old tonsils and lay down a couple of ‘vocal’ numbers. As my most popular song to date was about a gay cross dressing peasant boy who married a eunuch I decided it was time to go a bit more mainstream. So this week there will be no transvestite sheep featuring in the videos – just some nice little tunes about everyday love and financial austerity (but if you do prefer the sheep – the link is here).

The first remarkably normal number to spurt out shortly after breakfast on Saturday was intended to celebrate the fact that my niece Amy had been successful in joining the Nottingham Youth Jazz Orchestra. I have never tried to do any jazz or blues music before so this was an opportunity to try. Since Saturday was also the day of my nephew Jacob’s birthday he unwittingly provided me with an ideal subject. Clearly as a Duggleby bloke born in Yorkshire the theme ‘I would like to buy you a present but I aint got no money’ came straight from my heart.

If you like listening to the Sax (played badly) and a jazz guitar (almost correctly tuned) with a nifty base thumping away in the background why not listen to my rendition of ‘Happy Birthday Friend‘ using the YouTube link below:


In order to give the piece a bit of street cred I managed to engineer an incoming e-mail alert on my computer in the middle of the second line. See if you can spot it (must remember to turn down the volume on the computer when I am recording vocals!). Who needs live music when you can get recordings that are this bad? Well as it only took me about 4 hours to write, play and record (including a sleep in the middle) – it was almost a live performance anyway.

Now moving swiftly on to this weekend’s other piece of music. I originally included with this blog a track of me trying to serenade a lover. However, after listening to it a few times I decided it wasn’t quite right so I reworked it with Doris the ‘Chippy Diva’ and the TRANSFORMATES choir and the new version is below – with a new name – it is now the TRANSFORMATES 變 Music Project’s ‘Electro Requiem’ .

So having got my weekend’s desire to record some songs out of the way I can now get back to reworking some more classical baroque masterpieces like the last couple I shared in my recent blogs (the links are here for Bach and here for Vivaldi). Maybe I should turn my talents next to some of Handel’s great Choral works? Watch this space.

Have a great week – and enjoy Valentines Day,

Chris Duggleby

2 thoughts on “Do You Need A Special Musical Birthday Gift? Try – Happy Birthday Friend”

  1. My fave was the Birthday song. The Yorkshire references and humor were great. Writing rhyme of any kind (see, I did it again) is big in our Alfred branch of Duggleby’s. I’m in a poetry group and our assignment this week was to write a poem on Life or Death. Pretty appropriate for where I live. Humor is always a part of it. Linda

    1. Thanks Linda,
      I have to admit that it’s the funny ones that keep me sane (although some would doubt their effectiveness). I will try and slip in a few more while I am putting together my baroque album. Good luck with the poem,
      Kind regards,

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