What a difference a week makes! Snow arrives in Bad Feilnbach

Well it had to happen (as indeed it does every year). Snow came to the Alps during the night last weekend. I awoke on Sunday morning to find everywhere covered in about 2 inches of snow. This in itself is not unusual but it has arrived a little early this year. As a result the area has undergone a dramatic change from ‘sunny autumn’ to ‘bleak winter’ over the course of a single week. I took the following photograph on my way to the recycling centre a week before the snow came. Contrast this with the one below it which I took last Sunday (as my photographs are taken in high-resolution just click your mouse with the cursor over the picture to see a more detailed copy).

The Road to the recycling Centre before the snow came to Bad Feilnbach Bavaria
The Road to the recycling Centre after the first winter’s snow came to Bad Feilnbach

The snow arrived so early that the fruit was still on the apple trees. Here is another ‘before’ and ‘after’ picture of the local fruit orchard. The first picture was taken a week before the snow arrived (capturing some of the autumn colours). The following two pictures show the same trees one week later.

Apple trees before the snow came to the Bad Feilnbach orchards
Apple trees in October after the first winter’s snow hit the Bad Feilnbach orchards
If you look carefully you will see the red apples on the tree – covered in snow

Just before the snow arrived it was so warm in the sun that Pascal and I were able to sit outside in the garden of our local restaurant for our Sunday lunch. After lunch in order to prepare for my Winter travels there was quite a lot of housework (ironing!) to finish off. However ironing can be quite pleasant when the view is nice and the sun shines – I thought it might be interesting to share the view from my ironing board! (with my little domestic helper also managing to get into the shot!).

One week before the snow: RISKKO is helping with the housework and enjoying the autumn sun

One week later the view was somewhat less interesting – I couldn’t even see the Wendelstein mountain last Sunday.

Winter is on the way. It’s time for the last of the swallows to fly south

The snow was so early that many people still had flowers in their window boxes. The ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures of the guest house near my apartment show how fortunate we are to be able to enjoy such beautiful flowers right until the end of October.

My neighbours the Pfeiffenthaler Guest House in Bad Feilnbach. Blooming pretty in mid-October before the snow arrives
And this is how the Pfeiffenthaler looks after the first snow – still in bloom in October week 3

On my last snow free trip to the recycling centre I was able to capture some photographs of a couple of really beautiful local horses. Take a look for yourself……..

A couple of beautiful horses having fun near the recycling centre: Mid-October in Bad Feilnbach
Some horses just seem to know they are pretty
“Hey mister – who you pointing that big shiny thing at? Only nice horses are allowed in here”
“Now be honest – does this hair style make me look like a horse? How about a bit more off the fringe?”
“Come-on giz a kiss” – Autumn horseplay near the Bavarian Alps

I know some of my international readers particularly like the snow – especially Bob in South Carolina. So here are a few pictures which I hope manage to capture that unique period when we still have the autumn colours but they are blended with a carpet of white snow. This period, when the streams are still flowing, allows me to also show-off some of the mountain streams (or ‘bachs’) which flow through my village of Bad Feilnbach. I am lucky because one of these bachs flows right past my apartment – this is where I keep my pet trout ‘Trevor’ (but that is another story). Enjoy!

The ‘bach’ in Bad Feilnbach after the first October snow
Winter river scene from the bach in Bad Feilnbach – October 2012
The stream that runs past my alpine apartment – after the first snow arrived
Bridge over the alpine bach in Bad Feilnbach, with autumn leaves and snow

I hope you like these pictures of alpine snow scenes. I will be spending quite a bit of time in Africa over the next few months and I do not expect to see much snow there – despite some pretty spectacular mountain scenes.

Wrap up warm!

Chris Duggleby.

First Winter Snow Arrives in Bad Feilnbach – Panoramic View

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