Panoramic view of Lake Schliersee in Autumn - wunderschön auch im Herbst

Schliersee: Calm and colourful scenery on an autumn day (Wunderschön auch im Herbst)

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Bavarian Autumn Colours taken from the countryside around Lake Schliersee

This week to celebrate the arrival of autumn RISKKO and I jumped into the car with the camera, popped over to Lake Spitzingsee to pick up RISKKO’s playmate Robin Huddy and drove to the Lake Schliersee. Schliersee is a natural Bavarian lake measuring 2.3 x 1.3 km and is situated next to the small town of the same name. From this town you can walk around the lake by following a made up path. The following picture was taken from this path.

Panoramic View of lake Schliersee from the lakeside path at the edge of the town of Schliersee in Bavaria

Here is the Google map for Lake Schliersee which can be enlarged to highlight the main transport routes and other local places of interest.

One of the main focal points of the town of Schliersee is the St. Sixtus church dating from 1712-1715 which has wall and ceiling frescoes by Johann Baptist Zimmermann. More information and pictures of the interior of this church can be found at the german website here.

View of Schliersee’s St. Sixtus church taken across lake Schliersee in Autumn

On the other side of the lake is the church of St. Martin Westenhofen which is the oldest church in Schliersee having been built around a.d. 1000. Nearby a monastery existed since about a.d. 770. If you are interested in the interior of these churches more information can be found at the website here.

St Martin Westhofen Church on the opposite side of lake Schliersee in Autumn

The mountains surrounding Lake Schliersee belong to the Mangfall range and include the Aiplspitz, Jägerkamp, Brecherspitz und Bodenschneid. Here are some photographs of mountains and hills taken from the side of the lake. All my pictures are taken with high resolution photography. To see mere detail just click your mouse with the cursor over the picture. Afterwards use your web-brouser’s backwards arrow to return to this page.

Mountain view behind lake Schliersee in Autumn
Autumn view of the hills surrounding Lake Schliersee
Look in any direction and you will see Autumn colour surrounding the Bavarian Lake Schliersee

Around the lake are numerous bathing areas where people can, at their own risk, bath in the lake. I didn’t have to ask RISKKO twice! Whoosh and he was doing his celebrity skinny dipping act (a ‘rapper’ without any wrapping). Robin Hoody, by contrast, was a very sensible bear, kept himself warmly clothed and just threw pebbles in the water.

Two boys having fun bathing together on a Lake Schliersee beach – albeit a bit chilly!
Schliersee Beach and that famous skinny dipping celebrity RISKKO before he jumps into the water
In Autumn sensible teddy bears like Robin Huddy wrap up warm on the beach

If you like going out on a rowing boat to get away from the stresses of daily life you can’t go wrong with the Schiersee. Below are a couple of pictures of someone who, despite the chilly October weather, did just that.

Autumn sports on Lake Schliersee: Escaping the crowds and enjoying the views from a fishing boat
Alone on Lake Schliersee in a rowing boat surrounded by the Autumn colours: Stress management therapy at its best

A rowing boat is not the only way to get around the lake. Regular boat trips are available like the one below.

There are less strenuous ways of taking an Autumn boat trip around Lake Schliersee

Just take a look at the autumn colours of the trees around the lake in the picture below.

Lake Schliersee Sports: For the very energetic try there are Autumn boat races – but mind the fishing rods!

Near the lake there are a number of interesting buildings many of which provide accommodation for visitors. If you stay within walking distance of the town of Schiersee you should have all the necessary amenities at hand.

Interesting buildings around the edge of Lake Schliersee – plenty of places to stay in

Before leaving Lake Schliersee I could not resist one last photograph of the staggering autumn colours on the lakeside hills.

Autumn colours decorate the hills surrounding Bavarian Lake Schliersee

For us our journey home simply involved a short ride along the Deutsche Alpenstraße driving east in the direction of the Wendelstein Mountain.

Going home: Just follow the Alpine Straße in the direction of the Wendelstein Mountain back to Bad Feilnbach

….and of course we had time to take one last photograph of our two cuddly friends before dropping Robin Huddy back off at his home by lake Spitzingsee. If you would like to see more about the Spitzingsee please take a look at my article here.

Time for one last photo before RISKKO drops Robin Huddy off at his home on Lake Spitzingsee

So despite the cold and the gradually shortening days it was well worth venturing out on this October day to enjoy the colourful autumn scenery. If you would like to see some of my other recent scenic articles from this region please try the following links.

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Watch out for the Halloween ghouls!

Chris Duggleby

Autumn panoramic view of the Alpine road from Lake Schiersee to the Wendelstein Mountain

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