Dugglebys from the 11th to the 21st Century – The Chris Duggleby Family Tree

After spending most of the weekends last year and my vacations sat over a keyboard the Family Tree is now ready to publish. Thanks to everyone for their patience and support.

One of the reasons the project has taken up a lot of time is because of the need to prepare the data for presentation in a format which allows me to hide certain details of Dugglebys who are still alive. This is to comply with the various Data Protection laws around the world. These people are currently highlighted in the tree using yellow ‘Data Protected’ boxes. If you would like me to make the relevant information for yourself visible in the next version please let me know via the comments box. You should be able to find yourself in the tree by using the search function in your PDF reading software and looking for your most recent deceased Duggleby relation. In some cases I have made a guess that someone is no longer living and included their information despite not having a confirmed date of death. If you happen to be a Duggleby who is aged over 100 and I have prematurely moved you into my heavenly Dugglebys file just drop me a line and I will protect your data on the chart.

Another reason for the time required to prepare the tree resulted from my desire to include geographical and occupation information. This will help to bring some of the characters to life and hopefully provide a useful research source for your children if they find themselves doing a ‘family tree’ project for school. This information has mainly been taken from official records like birth registrations, censuses or death certificates. Clearly this means the information was taken at a particular point in time and is only representative of that moment. In some cases births or deaths may have been registered at a regional bureau near a maternity hospital rather than at the place where the person actually lived. The information should however provide an indication of the rough geographical location and the type of work undertaken during the persons lifetime.

It has been necessary to keep the number of data points to a manageable size (if I can refer to 130 pages as manageable!). Therefore I have only included people in the tree whose surname includes the word Duggleby (or Dugelby or a similar variant). Sadly this means that the vast majority of daughters of daughters of Duggleby males have not been included (in this version). This was necessary to avoid me needing another year prior to publication.

Most of the colouring of the boxes in the tree follows fairly standard conventions (blue boxes for males, red for females). I have tried to indicate the direct line to myself using dark blue (I am on page 53).

Where there are other variants of the spelling of the word Duggleby, especially in some of the older records, I have tried to include these. In addition there are a couple of points in the older records where the parental links are speculative, being based primarily on the close geographical proximity of identified Dugglebys. These are also highlighted in the tree. There are also Dugglebys in the world who we have not yet been able to tie into this tree. The age of the records and the potential for errors or misinterpretation of some of the older records is significant. If you are derived from a Duggleby but can not find your link into this tree please do not give up hope – this is still very much work in progress. In the future we can hopefully extend the early DNA testing project which may help us to find out how ‘other’ Dugglebys link into the tree. I will provide more information about this later.

Finally it would be a serious oversight not to mention that this version of the tree simply builds upon the tremendous work of many other people involved in the research into this family. This includes Ellen Reid (whose electronic archive has been used as the main source of original data records and linkages), Vincent Duggleby (and his Father), Bonny McLeod and many others – some of whom I have referred to directly in the body of the tree.

There will be errors! There will be miss-interpretations. There will be debates about exact linkages. However by publishing the tree in this format it can undergo a global peer review and future versions should be even more robustly substantiated than this one. I would very much appreciate it if you use the comments boxes on this site to let me know of any errors, improvement suggestions or additions (with relevant page numbers please). If you are keen to have your own information released from the ‘data protection’ process and published on the master tree just let me know what it is you would like to see published (and please always let me know the page number concerned).

Here is the Tree:

140112 DP Dugglebys 11th to 21st Century Family Tree linked to Chris Duggleby

Happy reading!

Chris Duggleby

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