Just before the wedding - looking at the ocean from Llandudno Beach

Love on the Beach (or Pink Lips gets a new Italian Convertible)

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This week I have decided that the blog entry should have a romantic flavour and there are two recent events that have reinforced my view that love is alive and kicking both in the Southern Hemisphere and also here ‘up North’.

Let’s start with the sunny end. Recently, Lorraine and Ian, the couple who live in the Villa next to my pad in Cape Town, decided to get married. Sadly because of an urgent assignment in another country with the RiskBusters I was unable to attend the wedding ceremony. I had to leave South Africa just as it was starting.

Just before the wedding - strolling on Llandudno Beach
Just before the wedding – Lorraine and Ian strolling on Llandudno Beach

So, in order to participate ‘in spirit’ the love birds asked me if I would help them to put together some photos for the invitations. So the three of us trundled off down to Llandudno beach, camera in hand, and captured some sun and passion (despite getting sand into those inconvenient, itchy places).

Just before the wedding - one last look into your eyes on Llandudno Beach
Just before the wedding – one last look into your eyes on Llandudno Beach

This means that although I couldn’t be physically at the ceremony, I was involved indirectly. In fact I hear from the now happily married couple that they also decided to turn some of the photos into table mats. This means I can also join in whenever they have a romantic meal, looking into each other’s eyes, and perhaps inadvertently dribbling onto my lovely artwork!

With you in spirit if not in person!
With you in spirit if not in person!

Now, the second romantic event for this week’s blog was prompted when I turned up at the Car hire counter upon arrival at my usual alpine airport. Helga, the friendly lady at the counter, could hardly control her enthusiasm. “Mr Dog-I’ll-buy how luverly to experience your person coming again: I wud like to give you somezing extra special in der VIP carpark: Do you like Italian sports cars?”

I felt my pulse rising in anticipation but tried to stay cool: “Well only if they are red” I lied.

“Null Problemo! Der roof is red but if you don’t like it you can pull the nob and get off with it”

Even before I got to the car I had already sent a text to my partner, Pink Lips, who was waiting for me in the apartment: “Get your head scarf out, tomorrow we are going out in my Italian Sports Convertible”. I couldn’t wait to see what Helga wanted to give me in the VIP car park. Was it a Maserati GranCabrio or perhaps a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder.

Riskko and Pink Lips enjoying the air in their new Italian Convertible
Riskko and Pink Lips enjoying the air in their new Italian Convertible

Next day Pink Lips was up at the crack of dawn, dressed in a bright red ribbon for her trip in the convertible. Even our dog RISKKO was already sitting in his basket with his tail wagging. So we waited for the rain to stop and then jumped into the masterpiece of Italian style and engineering craftsmanship. I hadn’t realised that the Fiat 500 was also available as a convertible.

By the time we got to the supermarket the rain had almost stopped, so while I was doing the shopping Pink Lips and RISKKO tried to work out how to get the roof down. Fortunately I had not left a can opener in the car.

Riskko helps Pink Lips get the roof of the Italian Convertible down
RISKKO helps Pink Lips get the roof of the Italian Convertible down

I returned to the car with this weekend’s provisions and found that the two of them had succeeded in getting the roof down. They were showing off to the other shoppers in the supermarket car park and having a cuddle in their shiny brand new Italian convertible!

Sadly it started to rain again so we had to put the roof up and return home. Pink Lips asked me whether the Car Hire lady knew I was from Yorkshire – she had noticed the fuel gauge on my ‘sports’ car had hardly moved since I picked it up. We managed to get through a whole weekend of alpine touring and had only consumed about 14 litres of fuel. I explained it probably had something to do with the aerodynamic shape. I also pointed out that in Yorkshire we would probably add in a few design improvements like bigger side pockets for the ferrets (this would make it into a true ‘sports’ car). I would also have added a couple of straps at the front so it could be fastened onto the Donkey. This would improve the fuel consumption even further. Italian style and Yorkshire frugality!

At this point RISKKO decided to be sick in his basket. Time to go home.

If you haven’t seen their latest video yet just type RISKKO into You Tube or try this following link! Please note that some of the less respectable videos you might come across when you type Pink Lips into the search engine are not mine.

Riskko and Pink Lips schmoozing in their new Italian Convertible
RISKKO and Pink Lips schmoozing in their new Italian Convertible

Have a romantic week!

Chris Duggleby

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(…..and the link to the Pink Lips You Tube video is here!)

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3 thoughts on “Love on the Beach (or Pink Lips gets a new Italian Convertible)”

  1. Hallo Pink Lips,

    Schön Dich wieder zusehen. Es freut mich das Du inzwischen einen neuen Freund gefunden hast.

      1. Guten Abend

        Hab mir gerade das Video angeschaut und musste furchtbar lachen.Es kommen doch schon Erinnerungen auf. Bist Du jetzt in der Filmbranche tätig.Habe nicht gedacht das Pink Lips noch so berühmt wird.
        Gut das ich Ihn Dir überlassen haben.

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