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Chris Duggleby Media – Transformation, Risk and Lifestyle publications with a focus on health and diversity.

Before moving to media I spent many years in industry managing businesses and companies for one of the world’s largest international business groups. My last overseas business management position was as President of a large Asian chemical manufacturing Joint Venture between BP and a major Chinese Group.

On returning from Asia I was asked to use my first hand experience of business transformation and risk to support BP in its recovery from the Gulf of Mexico disaster. I took on a senior risk management position leading the Group’s design, testing and implementation of new protocols to manage risks associated with Commercial Compliance, Joint Ventures, and Transformation Projects.

You can find out more by using the links below to my business risk websites:

My current activities focus on lifestyle and health. Other media projects are in development (more later). I also have a keen interest in the very long Duggleby Family history which has a separate section on this website dedicated to it.

I hope you enjoy the site.


Mai Liao Island: Location of Formosa BP Chemicals Corporation. I was president during  4 years of planning, construction, commissioning and the first year of operations.

20 thoughts on “Chris Duggleby”

  1. Hi cduggleby
    Thanks for writing a thorough experience of nightmare you had from poisonous detergents which I am currently experiencing exactly what you faced. Last week I sent all of clothes to my local laundry and I forgot to provide my own detergent to the laundrywoman, howeve, she used her detergent eventually and that little mistake of mine cost me rashes with extreme itchiness all over my body, sleepless nights and other bad consequences. I sent back all of my clothes for rewashing along with my detergent to remove allergens out of my clothes . Do you think rewashing can remove allergens or getting rid off of all clothes can help me to avoid further contact dermatitis?

    1. Hi Md Mahbubur Rahman,
      To eliminate my problems I used a combination of both. In the height of my reaction I was so desperate I threw away any clothes I new must be contaminated. However I have since managed to reduce detergent allergies by re-washing contaminated clothes without any soap powder or other additives. This worked when I discovered I was getting headaches from some previously washed clothes and linen which still had traces of washing chemicals. I have now spent a few years washing clothes with only water (although I do have a salt based water softener) and I feel great (and my clothes still look clean because I do not use body soap or shampoo – many stains are caused when when the soap/shampoo reacts with hard water creating scum – this can for example produce dirty marks on the inside of shirt collars – my shower is also much easier to keep clean now I have no scum).
      All the best,

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