Two of the local wrecks!

Overcast in South Africa


STOP PRESS!! Have you tried the YouTube Playlist featuring all of my compositions for the TRANSFORMATES? Here it is:


This morning Alex, the BIZCHANGERS technical guru, gave me my first coaching session, by video conference from Vienna, on the use of WordPress. Our objective: to help breathe a little more life and colour into It would appear that the Gods fully support this move having ensured the day here on Sunset Rocks (Cape Town) is sufficiently overcast to eliminate any distraction from the two local beaches.

My roof top “Office” is conveniently situated about 20 minutes by foot from Llandudno beach (near Cape Town, South Africa, not the one in Wales). It is also a 15 minute walk in the other direction to Sandy Bay beach. This ensures I have no excuse not to get some real exercise rather than just the usual writer’s cramp and various repetitive stain injuries (we used to just call this back ache!).

Another Day at the office at Sunset Rocks

From now on I intend to keep you regularly updated on the exploits of the BIZCHANGERS’ founder and professional risk buster. I will also provide occasional photos and tips about interesting ‘exposures’ I come across during my travels.

First of all, a quick update on progress in writing my new book. I have dedicated a couple of weeks of seclusion here on the outskirts of Cape Town to break the back of my newest offering which will focus on the management of ‘change’. I am actually already into the third version but from experience this is nothing to worry about. It took over three years before I felt my first book was ready to be published (‘Value TRAI Based Risk Management’).

By the way if you do not yet have a copy of the first book we have a special introductory offer which is only available if you purchase via the BIZCHANGERS.COM website. All prices on the site are quoted in UKPounds (£9.99) but you will be offered a currency of your choice when you get to the payment screen. This price includes international postage.

So that’s enough of the promotional stuff. It is time to get back to writing the next book before the weather improves too much. Once the sun arrives I will be clambering across the rocks in an attempt to delay my body grinding to a halt through lack of use. Just to wet your (and my) appetite here is a photo of the route from the apartment to the beach. More soon……

The treck from the Sunset Rocks apartment to Sandy Bay

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