RISKKO, the famous (w)rapping hound, his fast sports cars and beautiful girlfriends

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When you are as famous as RISKKO fast sports cars and beautiful girl friends come with the job. RISKKO spends lots of time with other famous singers like Pink Lips and Uddelle both on stage and off as the photographs and videos below will show.

Pink Lips having fun with RISKKO the Dog on her Topless Convertible Mercedes

‘Princess’ Pink Lips having fun with RISKKO on her topless convertible Mercedes

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Pink Lips and RISKKO get some Tyrolean mountain sun in her topless convertable Merc

Pink Lips and RISKKO getting it off (the car roof that is) in the Tyrolean mountains

Pink Lips takes guard-dog RISKKO for a spin in her Merc through the Tyrolean Alps

Pink Lips takes her guard-dog for a spin through the countryside

Pink Lips chased in her Topless Convertible Black Merc by Continental Paparazzi

‘Princess’ Pink Lips and RISKKO being chased in the topless Merc by Foreign Paparazzi – fame has its price

Princess Pink Lips shows how to go topless in style on holiday in her Merc SLK

Pink Lips shows how to go touring in style while on holiday

Pink Lips and RISKKO testing out the topless Merc SLK in the Austrian Tyrolean countryside

Sometimes you just have to leave the door open to let the car cool down: Passion a la Pink Lips!

Pink Lips with guard dog RISKKO in her Merc SLK above the Thiersee near the Kufstein Mountain

By the way did you notice Pink Lips’ car number plate: ‘MISS PINK’ – chic eh?

A pretty snail explains to RISKKO why she is called You-Sayin-Bolt (please note not Usain Bolt)

Another day another girl friend – this one is a bit slimy! This pretty snail invites RISKKO to stay in her house

Sally-Manda the Salamander whispers into RISKKOs ear

Another girl friend: Sally-Manda the romantic Salamander gets yellow blotches whenever RISKKO gives her a cuddle

Dr RISKKO with patient in compromising position

A dog with bedside manner: ‘Dr’ RISKKO helps a poor lamb get better after a nasty cold

The park even has its own Leaning Tower of Pisa (but they fixed it!)

RISKKO shows you don’t need to go to Pisa to find a leaning tower (try Bochum Stadtpark)

Pretty German Bird teaching RISKKO some flying tips in Bochum City park

This pretty german bird teaches RISKKO some flying tips in Bochum City park

RISKKO poses with pretty bird in front of park hotel window

RISKKO poses with his pretty German girl friend while having fun in a hotel room near Dusseldorf

RISKKO chats with a pretty bird on the balcony in Bochum

RISKKO and the pretty bird talk romance on the hotel balcony

During the ceremony RISKKO avoided being noticed by using a very cunning disguise

RISKKO gets to know another celebrity wearing his cool sun-specs in Spain

Juan, this little dog has just asked if he can spend the night with me and my new wife

RISKKO steals the show at a noble ‘Duggleby’ wedding in the South of Spain

.....and this little dog met a beautiful princess while he was on holiday in Spain

It is hard for a princess not to fall in love with a doggy as cute as RISKKO – he is just so cuddly

Once upon a time there was a famous rapping dog with a white sports car......

Here is RISKKO in England with his own white sports car on the road with his rapping friends

Uddelle's big singing hit

Uddelle’s big singing hit that she recorded in the Alps with RISKKO

If you want to see one of RISKKO’s videos check out the following link……

RISKKO enjoying the sun with Uddele in her Convertible

RISKKO enjoying the sun with Uddele the famous singing cow in the Alps

Uddele the Singing Cow Visits RISKKO in her Convertible

Uddele the Singing Cow Visits RISKKO in her BMW Silver Convertible

Riskko and Uddele True Love at the Wendelstein

Riskko and Uddele singing about true love at the Wendelstein Mountain in the Alps

Riskko Uddele and Chris topless in the mountains

Riskko, Uddele and Chris (the chauffeur) ‘topless’ in the mountain sun

Pink Lips and RISKKO's Debut Single "You Are My Sunshine"

Pink Lips and RISKKO’s Debut Single “You Are My Sunshine”

And if you missed it here is the Poo sniffing Video….

Riskko and Pink Lips enjoying the air in their new Italian Convertible

Riskko and Pink Lips enjoying themselves in the days when she drove an Italian convertible sports car

Riskko and Pink Lips schmoozing in their new Italian Convertible

Riskko and Pink Lips schmoozing in her Italian convertible with the red roof down

Riskko helps Pink Lips get the roof of the Italian Convertible down

Her they are trying to work out how to get the roof down – does anyone have a screw driver? True love in an Italian sports car

Pink Lips singing on the beach under palm trees

Here is a shot taken by RISKKO of Pink Lips singing a love song on the beach under a palm tree

If you would like to see some more stories about RISKKO and his friends please visit his Dog Blog which can be found here.

There you will also find stories about his holidays like the one here and here.

Have fun and if you want to send RISKKO a message please use the box below – he always answers (well at least the nice ones!)



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