This section of my website presents some of the photographs I have taken – mainly in locations where I have recently lived (South Africa, the European Alps and Surrey in the UK). If you wish to share a picture please ensure any existing reference (e.g. © is included in the photo. Sometimes my exploits as a photographer get me into unusual places – these often make the most interesting pictures!

While you enjoy the galleries why not listen to my album ‘Electro Baroque‘ (also available on iTunes using the link here)? Classical music using modern instruments:

or if you prefer try my electronic album ‘Studio Valiumm‘ – here are the videos (also on iTunes using the link here):

More info about my music is at the dedicated website

In the Galleries section of my website you will find many of the scenic photographs that have featured in my blogs.

I have divided the galleries into three geographical sections. To access the links to each section just click on the titles below:

European Alps: Gallery

South Africa: Gallery

English Countryside: Gallery

All of my photographs are taken in high-definition so if you would like to see more detail simply click with your cursor over the picture. Then use the arrow keys on your browser to return to the gallery.

Special treat for those struggling to get to grips with reality: If you fancy taking a look at photographs of the stuffed canine celebrity RISKKO and his many friends please visit his personal galleries and his dog blog which can be found here.

Chris Duggleby


2 thoughts on “Galleries

  1. Chris,
    Good to see you haven’t lost your sense of humor. Unique view of the world!

    • Hi Jared,
      It is super to hear from my old US mentor. You mentioned Nitriles – well I did make reference in my home page to “Manufacturing and distributing some of the most dangerous chemicals imaginable”. I think Acrylonitrile and Hydrogen Cyanide fit that bill pretty nicely – absolutely essential manufacturing raw materials which we managed to produce and transport around the globe without a safety event. I recently led an audit of our friends in China who later got a global award for their safety endeavours. So I am continuing to keep the banner, raised by you and the Nitriles team, flying.
      ….and as for the humour….. well how else could I survive over 33 years of risk management in this challenging oil and chemicals environment!
      I hope you and your family are keeping well and if you get close to Surrey, Munich or Cape Town let me know. If you are still in touch with any others in the team please pass on my best regards,

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