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On this page you will find some of my health focused reports. If you prefer reading stuff with a bit more humour just pop over to my Fun Articles page – you will not be disappointed – the link is here.

‘Health’ Articles

Before you check out the articles below let me quickly tell you about my other risk focused websites in case they may be of interest (click on the titles below to see the sites):

Let me now share with you some of my health focused articles. Just click on the titles below to see the report:

11th Jan 2019: My T-shirt Made Me Sick – Textile Allergies – Sinusitis From Your Underwear

18th Aug 2017: Stabbing Pain in Chest – Doctor Finds Dental Brace in Gut – After 10 years in Bowel – Orthodontic Abdominal Piercing

23rd July 2017: Kissing Sores – Mouth Ulcers after Brushing Teeth – Mum Stops Using Colgate – Blisters Disappear

13th Mar 2017: Sensational Images of Blazing Cape Town Mountain – Hout Bay Fires

9th Mar 2017: Health Risk: Can Vaccinations cause Dyslexia, Autism, Sleeping Disorders, Speech impediments, brain tumours and even increased masturbation in children?

9th Mar 2017: What is a mutation? How do carcinogens work? What role does DNA play? How are mutants made?: Understanding cancer is a key step in preventing and controlling it.

25th Nov 2016: Jaw Pain After Dental Work – Snoring – Breathing Stops When Sleeping – TMD and Sleep Apnea?

12th June 2016: Hospital Serial Killer – Super Bugs Created With Jumping Genes During Bacterial Sex

31st May 2016: Linking Poverty to DepressionGenes of Poorer Adolescent Children Permanently Labelled for Depressive Behaviour

21st May 2016: Skin Cancer and Cataracts From Your Car – Poor UV Side Protection – Windows Tested From 15 Vehicle Makers

19th Apr 2016: Torture In The Shower – Face and Body Soap Allergies – Main Suspect: Pears Transparent Soap

3rd Mar 2016: Using Gene Drives To Change Mosquito Sex In Fight Against Zika, Dengue and Malaria

3rd Feb 2016: Zika Infection Spread By Sex In Dallas – Earlier Sexual Transmission In Colorado – Detailed Symptoms

31st Jan 2016: Bed Bugs – Insecticide Resistance – Arbovirus Transmission – Zika and Microcephaly

17th Jan 2016: Bubonic PlagueLiceHosts for The Black Death Bug

13th Jan 2016: Kill Head Lice In A Day With The Newly Developed Plasma Nitcomb From The German Fraunhofer Institute

8th Jan 2016: Cancer from Handbags, Shoes and Gloves – Allergic Reactions to Jewellery – German Institute Identifies Excessive Chromium 6 and Nickel Levels

13th Dec 2015: Health Risk – Potential Carcinogens Found in Chocolates – German Investigation

25th Oct 2015: Feed Infants Early With Allergens

17th Oct 2015: Health Risk: Vitamin and antioxidant supplements feed and encourage cancer cells – latest research from Texas

2nd Sept 2015: Travellers gassed and robbed in Germany – Police warn – Do not sleep in your campervan by the road

29th Aug 2015: 6 year old child held liable for Ski accident. Parasites attack swimmers

26th August: Business Risk Management – A free introduction (with lots of pics!)

26th Aug 2015: What is Risk Management all about? Introduction to the RiskTuition website

26th July 2015: Poison in your Washing Machine: Allergic Contact Dermatitis from Laundry Detergents, Softeners, Conditioners and Whiteners

4th July 2015: Police Warning: Road surface Blow-ups on German Autobahns increasing due to the hot weather

31st May 2015: German Concern about Potential Carcinogens in Cosmetics  

30th May 2014: Competition/Antitrust Risk: Technical Employee No Poaching Agreements Between High-Tech Majors

26th May 2014: Bribery Risk – Corrupt Foreign Government Officials: German Arms Sales To Greece   

11th May 2014: Product Development Risk: New Air Conditioning Coolant Gas Produces Carbonyl Difluoride (Highly Toxic – Related to WW1 Gas Phosgene) in Vehicle Fires

16th April 2014: Ethical Pricing: Same Drug – For Leukaemia 21 Euro (Now Withdrawn) – For Multiple Sclerosis 888 Euro

6th April 2014: Product Quality Risk: Shoes Sold On-line By Zalando Recalled Due To Chromium 6 Contamination – Known Allergen And Carcinogen

29th March 2014: Intellectual Property Risk In China – INEOS Takes Sinopec to Court Over Acrylonitrile (A Lovers Dispute – With Cyanide Thrown-in)

8th Jan 2012: Pandemic Risk Management Article (or ‘How to Prepare for the Consequences of Microbial Sex!’)

Finally if you would like to read more about my ideas on business risk management my text book: ‘Value TRAI Based Risk Management‘ is still available using this link at Amazon.


Chris Duggleby


2 thoughts on “Health Articles

  1. Chris
    I am the granddaughter of Marjorie Duggleby who was was one of the Duggleby girls in Pittsworth in Qld. They married two brothers (Wilkins). We have more info if you’re interested. PS you have the same look as one of my brothers.

    • Hi Margaret,
      I intend to publish the updated tree onto the site next weekend. I have just double checked and Marjorie as well as her sisters Mabel (“May”), Eva and Daisy and her brother Piercy (“Sandy”) are all there. Please take a look when it comes out and if you spot any mistakes or can help with additional information just let me know.
      Let’s keep in touch. Kind regards,

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