Downsize to a Fantastic Mini Home in Paradise – An Idea Portfolio

Many of us who are advancing in years (like yours truly – now in his seventh decade) are looking to downsize to a home of modest proportions to reduce heating costs and the trouble of maintaining a larger property.

In addition the chance for a move opens up the opportunity to design a home and locate it in a part of the world that until now we could only dream of.

Alternatively if you are still working or simply do not want to move to a totally new place away from family and friends you might just be looking for a nice cosy small home for a couple of weeks or months.

To try and wet your appetite I have prepared a collection of enticing small homes which illustrate the prizes available to those who are prepared to explore.

Many of these properties can actually be rented so where possible I have tried to include details in case you want to investigate (and as a thank you for the courtesy of permitting me to use their pics).

I hope you enjoy this small selection – perhaps it will give you an incentive to examine further what is possible in the downsizing arena (just click on the pics to see high definition versions).

Chris Duggleby

The (Insta) @mttreehouseretreat, near White Fish Mountain Resort (Insta) @skiwhitefish, Glacier National Park
Bajina Basta in Serbia – Photo courtesy of (Insta) @gmr83
(Insta) @manshausen_island in Nordland, Norway Photo courtesy of (Insta) @lilyrose
Roscoe in New York – Photo courtesy of (Insta) @tripoverlife
NorthCarolina – Photo courtesy of (Insta) @tate_finley
Lapland in Finland – Photo courtesy of (Insta) @essitra
Hrensko in Czech Republic – Photo courtesy of (Insta) @niyaziikaaya
The Triangle House, Sag Harbour, Long Island by Architect Edgar Papazian
The Shudio at Sebastopol, California Photo courtesy of (Insta) @melissaatblitz
The Point House, Upper Kingsburg, NovaScotia, Canada by Architects (Insta) @mackaylyonssweetapple Photo courtesy of William Green & Matthew MacKay-Lyons
The Creekside Cabin at SantaRosa, California by architect Amy A. Alper
The Bigislandtreehouse at Fern Forest, Hawaii Built by (Insta) @kristiemaewolfe – Photo courtesy of (Insta) @bobo.bobert & @bigislandtreehouse
Shearers Quarters House, North Bruny Island, Australia by (Insta) @johnwardlearchitects More images (Insta) @aussiearchitects – Photo courtesy of (Insta) @trevormein
Nojiri-ko Nature Platforms, at Nagano, Japan by SUGAWARA DAISUKE – Photo courtesy of Jérémie Souteyrat
Nisser Micro Cabin, at Nissedal, Norway by Feste Architecture Photography by David Fjågesund & Smarte Hytter AS
Molly’s Cabin, at Georgian Bay, Canada by (Insta) @agathom_co
Foggy Lake House designed and visualized by Tung Le Xuan (Insta) @tunglex
DroomPark at Buitenhuizen, Amsterdam, the Netherlands by (Insta) @tinyhousesdroomparken
Casa R, at Vilches, Chile by Felipe Lagos of Tu Croquis Architects More images (Insta) @tinyhousemag Photography by Felipe Lagos
Alaska Surf Shack at Seward, Alaska by Studio Zerbey Architecture
(Insta) @TreehouseUtopia in Texas Hill Country, Texas (a partnership between Pete Nelson @treehousepete and Laurel Waters @treehouselaurel) Designed by @treehousepete & @dash.
(Insta) @TreehouseUtopia in Texas Hill Country, Texas (a partnership between Pete Nelson @treehousepete and Laurel Waters @treehouselaurel) Designed by @treehousepete & @dash.
(Insta) @thebearstand in Haliburton, Ontario, designed by (Insta) @bohlincywinskijackson Architects Photo courtesy of (Insta) @nic.lehoux & @daniellemeredithphoto
(Insta) @panoramaglasslodge Iceland
(Insta) @matt_gineo’s cabin in Vermont
(Insta) @lorefave’s treehouse in Seattle, Washington
(Insta) off-grid cabin in Adelaide, Australia

Please share your comments on the site. Thanks - Chris

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