Zombie Evidence Found in Germany – Transformates Anthem released.

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This week I would like to share with you a couple of important developments; the first involves the discovery by authorities in Leverkusen of Zombie activity in a disused railway yard and the second concerns the release of the TRANSFORMATES 變 Baroque ‘disco’ single known as the Transformates Anthem.

Let me start with the news about the ‘living’ (although some who know me well may dispute this point!). I promised in my last blog that I was working in the recording studio on something of a requiem. At the risk of disappointing those of you eagerly awaiting the next ground breaking lyrics from the Transformates 變 I’m afraid this is one is an instrumental. Well you can’t have literary prize contenders like ‘Pussy Cats Xylo Disco‘ every week!

Actually I don’t think you will be disappointed with this latest offering. I have tried to capture the spirit of what I believe a baroque period musician like Bach or Vivaldi would have produced if they had managed to get their hands on a synthesizer. This means that if you are a classical music ‘purist’ you should definitely not click on the YouTube link below. My only defense is that since I play everything by ear I could not have copied the music from a classical manuscript although I do not deny there is a resemblance to some of those familiar Bach-like twiddly bits.

To encourage you to get your bottoms wiggling I have set the piece to a disco beat (if you prefer to Waltz you should take a look at my German Classical Masterpiece ‘Leck Mich‘ which is also on YouTube). So without further ado here, hot off the press in its pre-viral state, is the Transformates Anthem:

Unfortunately iTunes sat on this one a while (you will see the release date was October 1st) however my crack distribution team in Las Vegas worked through the night to ensure it was out in time for this blog (thanks to Makell and team in Nevada). This means you can already download it from iTunes by using the link here.

Now to the Zombie News.

This report follows a long tradition on the http://www.ChrisDuggleby.com website of sharing with you articles I pick up in the non-English language European press which do not get appropriate coverage outside of their local audience. This horrific story was originally featured by the press in Leverkusen before getting national German coverage last week.

First of all let me set the scene. in 2003 Zeit Online reported about a hunger strike undertaken by Rheinland Railway employees at the closure of the Opladener Railway Yard and the loss of 400 jobs. At the time the press told the heart-wrenching story of how local children were moved to tears during a school visit when they saw the starving men sat in chains trying to plead their case to the public. For German visitors to this site you can read the original article here. Needless to say the German Railway company did not bend in its decision to close the yard.

Now we flash forward to the 8th of October 2014 when the respectable national press carried the headline ‘Protests from the Dead….’ (‘Wenn Tote protestieren….’ – the original German article from the Süddeutsche Zeitung can be found here). This article described the events surrounding a meeting arranged by the appropriate German authorities to present the plans of the rail company to install a new freight track alongside the existing passenger rail track at Opladen (yes the same location as the scene of the tragic hunger strike).

The authorities wanted to present their plans to the interested public and discuss what improvements could be made to protect residents from noise and other disturbances. In order to identify interested residents they invited them to first write in with any concerns they might have. As a result they received 205 letters. Invitations were then sent to these respondents inviting them to attend the planning presentation meeting.

The authorities were very surprised to then receive letters from distraught relatives of the respondents who explained that in at least 8 cases the complaints made to the authorities were from dead people. In fact another 34 respondents could not be identified and among these may well have been a number of other dead people. What was even more alarming for the authorities (and of course the poor relatives) was the fact that a number of the letters from dead people had signatures on them!

Clearly in order to avoid a mass panic in the Leverkusen area the authorities are doing their best to urgently address this evidence that Zombies exist in or near the disused Opladener Rail Facilities. In fact Leverkusen’s Bürgermeister Reinhard Buchhorn und the local town council (Stadtrat) have published an open letter to the state president in which they make it clear that this inappropriate activity by dead people is unacceptible and deserves to be condemned in the stongest terms (The original letter stating: “Insbesondere der Missbrauch persönlicher Daten Verstorbener ist ein völlig inakzeptables und pietätloses Verhalten, das auf das Schärfste zu verurteilen ist.” can be found here).

The Bürgermeister demanded in his letter that appropriate political and legal actions be undertaken regardless of the chances of success. The local authorities are now investigating what legal actions are possible in such a unique situation. It is refreshing to see that at least in Germany the threat of Zombie activity is being taken seriously and receiving a proper investigation by the relevant authorities (for German readers more on the Bahnstadt Leverkusen-Opladen scandal can be found here).

Well I think that is about enough excitement for one week. I am currently busy working on the next musical offering which is likely to involve cooking – I hope to be able to share this with you in the next blog (once you have had a chance to forget about the Zombies).

Greetings from the land of the living (and writing) dead,

Chris Duggleby


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