The TRANSFORMATES 變 release ‘Ballad of a Dying Lover’ – Dedicated to hostages, prisoners, the terminally ill and those they love

As I wrote the song featured in this week’s article I could not help but think of the terrible news of hostages whose lives have been prematurely ended under such tragic circumstances. I therefore dedicate my latest ballad to anyone in a similar situation, who is facing a long period in captivity, or facing death in the near future. Perhaps more importantly it is also intended to give support those who these people have loved by trying to express their last wishes in music.

I have to admit this is the only song where I actually found myself breaking down as I tried to record the vocals – so when you listen to it you might want to have some tissues nearby. Its a bit sad.

Due to the likely condition of the person ‘telling the story’ I decided against simply singing the words. In circumstances where a person is close to death and/or held in captivity this would probably not be appropriate. Instead the lyrics are presented almost as a whisper (you may therefore need to increase the volume compared with some of my earlier compositions). Hopefully this will not prevent you from understanding all the words – to help I have included the lyrics in the YouTube video below:

If you would like to download the song to your MP3 player or computer it is already available through iTunes using the link here. My global distributors will be making it available through all other reputable music suppliers during the next couple of weeks.

You can also obtain any of my earlier, somewhat more upbeat, releases which are included on my first EP under the name Trans 1: Evolution. This can also be downloaded via iTunes here and from Amazon, Spotify, Google Player etc. Just search under the name Transformates from any reputable music supplier.

What is it that a lover remembers most when they think they are close to death? My Ballad above tries to capture this in words. The composition below tries to capture the most pleasurable experiences shared by lovers in music alone. I have named this instrumental piece ‘Sex at Sunrise’ because this combines two of the most beautiful experiences that most of us will cherish when we lose them – a beautiful sun just above the horizon and a ‘cuddle’ with the person we love. Here is the video which includes pics mainly taken from my place in Cape Town (yes it’s nearly the time of year when the song birds fly south!).

You can also download this track from iTunes (here) and the other suppliers.

So hopefully this has been enough to convince any doubters that there is a, somewhat submerged, normal romantic side to Chris Duggleby – I don’t just compose songs about threesomes with dogs and cross-dressing boys who marry eunuchs. However I will try and inject a little more fun into the music I present in the next blog.

Every wondered why I named my recording studios V&LIUMM ? (OK – the trade mark for Valium had already been taken). We all have our drugs to help us cope with the difficult times – my drug is music.

Keep safe and cherish those you love and enjoy any beautiful sunsets and sunrises.

Chris Duggleby

You can read more about the TRANSFORMATES project and the music created by Chris Duggleby at the website using the link here.

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